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renny17 - March 1

Has anyone had multiple negative HPTs, a period, but found out they were pregnant? My last period was so weird, starting one day, then stopping, then really light, then stopped. I have taken several tests and they are all negative, but I am having all the symptoms of being pregnant. I am not due to ovulate until next week, but I am having a lot of CM and heaviness in my lower abdomen, some random cramps here and there, nausea, br___ts are fuller, tired, etc. I am really confused. Has anyone gone through this before. I have heard of it, but not sure.


kdella2 - March 2

I am in the same boat as you. I have no idea what is going on. I took a couple of tests and they were all negative. I was due for my period Thurs and had some blleding on Mon off and on. I have a bad headache, but no other significant symptoms. Could I be pregnant?


newlywed - March 2

It sounds like your going through the same thing I am going through. Sorry I can't tell you yes or no if im pregnant yet or not but I do know how you feel. Im going to the doctor next Tuesday because I keep getting dizzy and my last af was Feb.18-20 and was light pink and light flowing, not usual for me at all. I've had all the symptoms of preg. too but three neg. htp. Hopefully we'll find out some answers when I go to the doctor! Good luck to you and hope we both gets some answers or advise.


snugglybugglys - March 2

YES! When I was pregnant with my twins I didn't get a BFP until I was 2.5 months! I tested religously too...I mean I probably tested a few times a week!


Martha31 - March 2

girls, have you tried blood testing?


Grandpa Viv - March 2

If you have good reason to think you are pregnant, do not let negative tests start getting you down until you are a couple of weeks late. Sometimes it takes that long, and occasionally longer. A quant_tative blood test will pick up lower levels of hCG, but it is expensive. Or you could wait until after missing a second normal period and ask for an ultrasound. Meanwhile take prenatal vitamins just in case - the folic acid is important in the first weeks. Good luck!


kdlovesrd - March 2

I've posted on another thread that may be of interest to those not having a cycle but facing PG symptoms. I'm on almost 70 days since my last period, had negative HPTs & negative blood tests & just had 2 ultrasounds today to rule out cysts/ectopic pregnancies. My uterus looks fine by the Diagnostician & the blood flow to/from my ovaries is normal and there isn't a cause for concern other than my endometrium lining being so thick. I was put on Medroxy to force me to cycle which didn't work so next Thursday, I go back to the OBGYN for the official results and to figure out where to go from there.


crackersforme - March 2

snuggly....WOW!! From what you always hear about twins having a higher count than singles....guess anything can happen!! Did you doctor tell you why he/she thought you weren't registering on a hpt??


snugglybugglys - March 2

No, I had moved, and just went to some free clinic cause my dh kept telling me I was prego. So I went to basically shut him up and prove him wrong...guess I was the one to get proven wrong lol. Anything can totally happen, cause with my last baby I got a bpf at only 9 dpo.



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