I Am So Confused

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anonymous - October 28

I think I might be pregnant -- I went off birth control at the end of Sept. having my last period somewhere between the 20 and 29th I think. Now I have been feeling really weird lately, really tired, burping alot (which I didn't think had anything to do with it until I read some of yours) also I just "feel" like I am pregnant. I was have been having alot of headaches lately too -- I am taken a test and it came out negative but I think it could have been too early to test. I think the baby would have been concieved on the 13th of Oct. It is just driving me crazy no knowing, but even when I saw the test as Neg I still thought that I was. I still think that I am, but I think I am going to wait at least another week to take another test. I really feel like I am pregnant -- I don't know why I do, cause this would be my first pregnancy, but I just do...any advice or other things you think would be helpful for me to know?


Sarah - October 28

Coming off of birth control can make your body do some unusual things. Take it slow and relax. Good luck


Viv - October 28

Coming off the pill there's no point in counting days. The doc usually tells you to let your period settle down before trying. If sperm was able to meet egg in the few days after Oct 13, the first you should test would be after Election Day / Guy Fawkes Day. We wish you luck!


steph - October 29

Hi -- i was the one who posted the question here, thanks for all your advice. my husband and i werent necessarily trying, but we would both be thrilled if we were pregnant. i have been on and off birth control before, but have never felt like this and never missed my period for this long. I was going to wait until at least next week to take another test because i think the first one was just too early. I just have that feeling and have had many symptoms off and on. thanks for all the comments! :)



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