I Am So Nervous

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Bernice - February 27

Well I had posted for stomach cramps and I had told my whole story there, and to make a long story short, I had ICSI on feb 20th and spotted for couple hours on the second day after insemination. But tonight I feel as if my stomach is so tight and bloated. I spotted again , but only on the bathroom tissue. I am so scared. We have been waiting for this for over 11 years. My DH is so nice and supporting, but I am still nervous. Question 1: Does the stomach cramps stay the same intensity or can it seem to go away and then come back? Mine were off and on but same intensity from they 2 after insemination and for the past 2 days, they seem less. Is it normal? Question 2: When you think you might be pregnant, (asking because I ain't sure yet) can you still use the microwave? Should I avoid being in the room when someone uses it? I don't at home, but at work they have one in the lunch room? My co workers uses it, I don't. Please send some baby dust my way!!


naomi - February 27

HI Bernice, I am sorry to hear that you have been trying for 11 years, I can not imagine how hard that must be for you. Good luck for this year. Answers(1) Stomach cramps can come and go during pregnancy, some woman will not get any at all. (2) I remember hearing on the television years ago that Microwaves do let out radiation more if they are damaged. I have always made an effort to stand clear of them while they are working just to be on the safe side. I believe avoiding anything that you think could be a risk will help keep your mind at ease. And that will help you to feel less stress and worry and that must help with your pregnancy.


Bernice - February 28

Thanks naomi. I feel less nervous now knowing that the cramps can come and go....phewwwwww And for the microwave, I will keep on staying away from them. Thanks for your support. Means alot to me.


Mallory - February 28

All I can say is best of luck to you with everything. I hope it all works out for you perfectly!!!!


lyla - February 28

Naomi is right, cramps come and go during pregnancy, sometimes mine are real light than other times become mild. As far as the microwave thing, Im not sure I would like to hear more info on that myself. I hope that the cramping is a good sign and I send buckets full of baby dust to you!


Bernice - February 28

Thanks everyone. I will keep you all posted. And if I ever find out more on the microwave thing I will post.


naomi - February 28

Hi Bernice, I hope you are feeling ok today. I am crossing my fingers for you and for me. I feel pregannt and am due today. It would be great if we can be pregnant together.How soon before you can take a test?


Bernice - March 1

Naomi, I am going for my test on march 6. I am due for AF on march 7th. I started having full bloan heartburn yesterday.....yuck!! I still do have all of my symptoms. My fingers are crossed too! Best of luck to us!



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