I Am Sorry But This Site Is Not Helping At All

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NENA - September 26

To all you women out there: All this questions, so much details, so much confusion indeed. How would you expect to get pregnant with all this stress?????? Please, get out of this network and just live as normal as possible, have s_x for fun, enjoy your life and if GOD want to bless you with a child it will happen. I am not against sharing experiences, but too much is too much. It is about two months that I haven't openned this site and I feel so good I enjoy s_x I enjoy life and never think of pregnancy. (I am TTC for 5 years, two m/c) If you have problems go to a doctor, If you are pregnant YOU ARE with of without so called FAINT LINE!!! GOD bless you all. Please don't take me wrong but for me it helped emotionally a lot to be out of this conversation.


blah - September 26



lil - September 26

to Nena;im agree with you, since i came here i feel like i have to get pregnant i guess even many women here fake that they are pregnant like they have faint+ at 7Dpo is silly ! you are right have to stay out of here and i shall do that , god bless you and good luck to you !


site - September 26

I agree- I've never seen so many women reading into every last little body fluctuation as I have here. I can only imagine that the intense monitoring of your body probably does more to prevent against pregnancy than it can to achieve it. Like Nena said, it may be worth considering to abadon the obessive pregnancy banter on here and just live life normally and surprising things may happen.


To Nena - September 26

I fully understand what you are saying it becomes very obsessive and can be damaging, but since not logging on are you pregnant???


B - September 26

I agree with you NENA....there are those few women who are obsessive about it, but there are also many women who honestly need support, and another woman's opinion about things. It is just unfortunate this site cant remain positive and helpful...instead of obsessive and stressful to read


jake - September 26

i agree it can get obsessive but i also feel that it helps, i have read alot of comments on here and some i must admit are a bit repet_tive but generally i find it extremely helpful, i have talked to a few people and it is nice to know that the help is there, alot of people dont have anyone else to talk to or are scared to talk to someone, so i think taht it is a good i dea that these sites are around to give those people help when they cant turn to anyone else


you know... - September 26

Some people have to work hard to have a child. And many people around them don't know what that is like. Many of these women have formed bounds here. It is not as easy as saying "GOD, bless me this month.' And it happens, you of all people should know that. I don't feel that God has anything to do with it really, because God doesn't like those who can't have kids any less. I find what you said to be just plain rude...why do you come here if you don't like it or if you find it "obssessive." That is what this site is for-mana are first timers who don't know anything and get no responses because people tire of those Q's. I can understand that, what I don't understand is why you came on this site just to say that?????


to you know.. - September 26

first time we came here we thought this is helpful site but some women got it wrong they make me feel sick , so if you want come back here no one stoping you but i agree with Nena this site is not helpfull and i say my idea and what i THINK ! if bother s you ,you dont have to come here and read it !


Typical - September 26

Isn't it just typical that all of a sudden this post is starting to get NASTY? Why put a post of this sort on this forun thst states SIGNS OF PREGNANCY? I find it very helpful and supportive ,if you don't then fair enough perhaps you have not bonded with these ladies as most of us have. If you have all the answers great but if like many of us you need guidence it definatly helps. Like everything you can go to the extreme and become obsessive but if your an adult and self controlled then you use it wisely. Have a good day.


well ... - September 26

nobody is trying to be nasty yes some of this women are really nice and i wish could meet them for lunch or have chat on the phone but some they are not really adult .


Well.... - September 26

I find this site to be very helpful some days.... of course there is always the days where everyone is obsessing about IB or such things and you just want to scream...DO SOME RESEARCH!!! Before I came to this site i had irregular cycles and i thought i could get pregnant anytime i had s_x. I'm 30 and have 1 child already yet i didn't realize you could only get pregnant around ovulation. I was spending month after month waiting for signs every week now i have it down to just 2 weeks of obsessing lol! i think if everyone did a little more research they could answer some of their own questions and avoid all the craziness over such things as IB but overall i think it's a nice place to chat and get a little crazy over wanting a baby. I know it keeps my dh sane. He doesn't have to hear about all of this all the time anymore.


jes - September 26

If you don't like it, why don't you just leave?! I so don't get your post... it's like going to a coffee lovers website and telling everyone that they should drink tea instead. If you don't like coffee... don't p__s on someone else's parade!


ha! - September 26

"...but for me it helped emotionally a lot to be out of this conversation..." so why the frig would you come back? If it helped so much... why are you self-torturing? Obviously you're just a liar. It didn't help... or else you wouldn't still be lurking here.


Alyssa - September 26

My opinion... I think it's a person who makes it obsessive, not a site.


Alyssa - September 26

And for others, who don't obsess, it's a great tool.


IF GOD WANTS TO? - September 26

if god wants to bless you with a child it will happen? honey god created ALL women to have children but due to sin we all live in a imperfect body that comes with many problems. all children are a blessing from god but some women just need a little more help in getting one and it has nothing to do if god wants them to have children or not. do you think god wanted the women who have killed their kids or abuse them to have children? what about the women who have abortions after they find out they are pregnant? did god want them to do that? we owe our thanks to god for giving us the ability to have kids and we owe him thanks for that little thing called a brain to help figure out when there is a problem. face it, everyone has the abitlity, good or bad and it has nothing to do with "if god wants to bless you with a child it will happen". who cares if women obsess or not? as long as it isn't causing them to be depressed there is nothing wrong with going after what you want full force and having a little fun obsessing with it. if leaving the site helped you so much, why are you back again?



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