I Am Sorry But This Site Is Not Helping At All

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Wow!!!! - September 27

Have you actually read what you've all written........ Perhaps you should all sign up for the frontline in Iraq...... they wouldnt stand a chance with all these hormones and venom flying....lol This site is entertaining if anything!!! I think maybe you should all realize everyone is different. Opinions are like bumholes......everyone has one. Also, some people need more support than others, exceptance and tolerance and perhaps a little compa__sion is needed. C'mon Ladies...... Play Nice!!!!! Lets face it, we're all on the same side.


mar - September 27

Its SIMPLE, if you don't like the site DONT BOTHER LOGGING ON! If you like the site, carry on using it, some women need more support than others. My best friend is very ill with terminal cancer at the age of 30 so put it all in perspective, life is so precious.


who cares - September 27

If there was a GOD. There would not be war, there would not be cancer or any other desease, there would not be poverty everyone would be equal, he/she would not take loved ones away from you. BITTER, maybe I am. My life has been through turmoil after turmoil and I have yet to get gods help. All I ever asked for was one healthy happy baby someone I can love endlessly and someone who will love me the same. I am a good person and I deserve happiness just like everyone else. GOD sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Steph - September 27

One thing about this site I have noticed is that yeah, we all, myself included talk about how we are feeling and such, and it's kinda nice to have someone to talk with especially whilst bored at work....but, it seems that a lot of women on here kind of make friends and I think that's pretty cool...I am not about going to get into an arguement about religion and what place God has in you actually getting pregnant because I don't see the point in it......Also, NENA, I come on this site, and I do enjoy s_x with my husband and I don't think about constantly being pregnant so I truly don't think that you have any business grouping the whole lot of us together.


to who cares - September 27

i just had to tell you God does care about you. you sound as if you are in so much pain. I pray that God touches your heart so you can let him in and he will give you peace and your baby. i have been through alot of turmoil in my life also to the point of being almost homeless. but because of my faith and the grace of God he bought me through it all. I know he will do the same for you .don't hate him, trust him. believe me he will definately come through for you. God bless you and much baby dust******:)


? - September 27

It's not God who got you through tough times it's called POSITIVE THINKING AND TAKING CONTRO;. If you believe in god did he make you homeless in the first place? Did he provide you a new home? Did he put food on your table>NO That was your own good work . To believe in God fair enough BUT there's only one person who can change your life YOU.


What the... - September 27

Part of LIVING life is expressing your feelings, in whatever way makes you HAPPY. Since I have been on this site and chatting I have been less stressed because I can relate to what others ladies are going through and they can realate to me; it can also be a good laugh when feeling down. This site is what you make of it. I am living life, having great s_x and if pregnancy happens, then I am blessed.


To who cares... - September 27

What r u talking about? You think this life is supposed to be easy? If everything was perfect (no war, illness, etc..) then there would be no point in being here, we wouldn't be gaining anytihng. We are here for a reason.


who cares - September 27

What the hell are we gaining? Nothing. You know what I am not even going to waste my time on this matter anymore it is stupid and we all obviously have our own opinion and beliefs. Move on Ladies this is going no where. Its sad to see that this started out to be a forum for women to gather and now look at us all fighting over beliefs and religion and something that may or may not exist. MOVE ON ALREADY!!!! The next person that posts here is wasteing their time.


To Who Cares - September 27

Well then I guess you are Wasting your time. Trials make you stronger and many times you are able to face more challenges that may come your way in the future. But yes, we should move on, arguing with a little girl isn't worth it.


that's life - September 27

Those of you who don't believe in God, give us a break. If all u can get out of what NENA said was God, then u r plain out ignorant ( look it up if u don't know the definition). No one is pushing God off on you and don't u come disrespecting those of us who do believe. Far as this site being addictive, it is if u let it. I believe in God and will forever, no matter what horrible things happen in this world or to me. I think some of us can agree that since this site, s_x has been more about a baby during ov time than about our dh. I enjoy sharing signs and finding out who got a bfp and at the same time it makes me sad that it wasn't my month, but I pick myself up and keep trying. Honestly, those that are offended by what I said I don't care... those that believe in God know why. If you deny Me before men then I will deny you before my Father. I love all people and I respect how u feel, but give others the same respect u want and if u don't like seeing the word God, then burn up your money, give it away, stop spending it. IN GOD WE TRUST!!! Have nothing to do with the word God. LOL Get real, if u gonna be a non believer, be one and stop straddling the fence. Go on and be a believer. :D Really though, stop feeling disrespected just because others say thank You God and God bless you, we are by no means pushing our beliefs off on you. God give us choices, we choose to have eternal life or d__nation ( my belief). Isn't it wonderful to have a choice. To all of us that believe in God, I wish there was a site just for believers and we can freely express our thanks to God without offending others. I started off liking this site, but if I can't express my thanks and love for God freely pertaining to ttc without having a big discussion about how someone is offended, this site isn't worth coming to. Its a shame how the enemy can throw dirt in your eyes and you stay blind forever... if God exist then why this, why that. If it weren't for God, u wouldn't be able to wake up the next morning to buy this house or that car or whatever it is you want, if it weren't for God making it possible for you to have, you wouldn't have it, no matter how hard u work. You have people in this world that are in a generational curse that there is nothing we can do to help them, all because that's what God spoke and when God speaks it is so and u can't change it. Just as he spoke and placed a curse on adam and eve it goes for all men and women. Religion doesn't matter, its believing in Jesus and having love in ur heart for all man kind. Those of u who don't believe, I hate to break it to u, if u believe in love then u believe in Jesus... Jesus is love. Those of u who say how can He exist and let so many bad things happen in this world. When God created good he created evil all for His glory. Why go through life thinking u can only depend on u instead of experiencing God working for u. U r not doing it any way, God has favor on some people regaurdless of how they feel, its God's work. Hey, u have a right to believe what u want to believe and so do the rest of us. Lets just forget about who is right and who is wrong and put our differences aside, the truth is some non believers give advice to believers and vise versa. I already know somebody is going to have something negative to say, cause that's how satan works, but to neg comments I won't be responding anyway. Lets be adults.


Cindy - September 27

To each their own. The tone of your posting was VERY b___hy and I am quite sure you offended many. What's good for you is not always good for others. But...I guess it is ok for you to b___h because you ended it with "GOD bless you all?" nice. really nice.


TO NENA - September 27

No one forced you to come on this site, you dont like it dont come back.


J - September 27

Well said "that's life". There is a Satan and that is where the tortures come from. He wants us to be miserable like him.


?? - September 28

What's with all the sermons !! Last time I checked this was a pregnancy forum not bible studies ! Maybe if you spent more time bding and less time preaching you would get a BFP !!!


Suzanne - September 28

Here are my two cents. Some people need God in their lives to be fulfilled, to give them hope- some people make their own way and depend on themselves to make a better life. I personally, don't go to church and believe in evolution, but that doesn't mean that i don't think others should have the right to talk about God on a public forum. Just scroll past their remarks if you don't like it. There are worse things out there right now than some religious women talking about conception. We're all women who want to have a baby. Let's respect each other and this site will continue to be enjoyable.



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