I Am Sorry But This Site Is Not Helping At All

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Suzanne - September 28

Here are my two cents. Some people need God in their lives to be fulfilled, to give them hope- some people make their own way and depend on themselves to make a better life. I personally, don't go to church and believe in evolution, but that doesn't mean that i don't think others should have the right to talk about God on a public forum. Just scroll past their remarks if you don't like it. There are worse things out there right now than some religious women talking about conception. We're all women who want to have a baby. Let's respect each other and this site will continue to be enjoyable.


NENA - September 29

WOW I am impressed by all this reactions!!! I think that this is one of the examples of the level of your stress. Or I might be wrong!!! --------------- I am not going to explain more than telling you that I last my child a month ago by the stress that I have got being obsessed 24hrs a day on the pregnancy and pregnancy signs, up to a stage that I didn’t know my body any longer. Two much stress, the adrenaline goes high and the blood pressure too. This is the reason that my baby didn’t develop, and I lost it! ------------- My only reason to get back to this site was to tell you that this obsession would just harm your health and your baby. -------------- MY ADVICE – Go to the doctor to get help; don’t ask help by pleasing Grandpa Viv or anyone else whom we don’t know who they are and if possibly we can take their advice!!! For the God sake how would you expect from the net to know whether you are pregnant or not??? --------------- The PURPOSE of this site is brilliant, however the reality is different. ------- For those who think that I am very rude, you are so d__n wrong. My heart is broken on TTC for 5 years, and I feel your pain honestly! My eyes are in tears in this moment because I still didn’t recover from my baby loss and this conversation just turned me down. I am just being REALISTIC! I am not going to read your comments any longer as I already feel the stress that I had but instead, I wish to you all the prosperity of the world in your house and may GOD bless you ALL. GOOD LUCK!!!


**** - September 29

It's kinda weird how everyone gets so offensive by christianity, but everyone respects other religions. Doesn't make sense.


Lil - September 29

LOL, what amazes me is that there are people who don't believe in God. Where do they think they came from, a monkey? And to ? - positive thinking and taking control got you through things, well you gave you those traits to begin with??? Who gave you your body to begin with? Also, if you don't like the sermons then don't read them : )



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