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VenusdiMilo - February 16

I just HATE when people who have OBSESSED about getting pregnant finally get pregnant then they want to tell others to “Just relax…it will happen when you don’t stress about it.” Bull Sh!t!!! Pleeeease…give me a break!!! Yeah, stress and obsession does have an impact on the body and it can indeed make it harder for some women to conceive but, scientifically it’s all about TIMING….knowing when you’re O-ing, BD-ing at the right time, the little guys meeting that egg at the right time….it’s all about timing…nothing else!! Ok, I’m done venting here and whoever wants to *poor taste* this be my guest!!


LN030905 - February 16

Hey Venus! I know how annoying it is..my best friend is pregnant and she is kinda smug about it. She says that to me all the time..to where now, I dont even talk to her about it..She calls me all the time to tell me how sick she is and how put out she is right now by being pregnant..about insurance and $$. I actually got so annoyed at her last night, I had to fake a guest coming over to get off the phone..lol. I think though tha she feels so bad for her being preg and me not being preg that she doesnt know what to do..and she wants to make me feel as involved as possible in her pregnancy..lol..(if only she knew, right..lol). Have you tried the soy, yet? Hope you have a great weekend! <3


VenusdiMilo - February 16

I’m sorry but I just can’t stand it!! Anyway, I wasn’t going to try soy…what made you ask that? Are you charting yet? I would love to stalk :-) Good luck!!


javidsgirl - February 16

as a pregnant lady i would say i don't blame you for feeling that way i personaly wouldn"t say just relax to anyone ttc because i hated it when people told me that while i was ttc after you are ttc is all about hit and miss


javidsgirl - February 16

*after all


preggoplease - February 16

No I agree with you as well venus! I am pregnant and when I was ttc there was NO "relaxing". It's easier said than done. So I would NEVER tell another women that, because I know how much BS is it. Good luck to you and ttc. Hope to see ur BFP soon!! *~*~*babydust*~*~*


VenusdiMilo - February 16

Thanks ladies for being understanding!! I wasn’t trying to start a debate or anything like that but something was said in that context on another thread and it just got me peeved. I’m over it now though and I really don't want this to b__w out of proportion.


Jen - February 16

A personal experience I had with ttc was this, for 4 months I was constantly charting and doing everything I could to make it happen. Then me and my husband relocated and I started a new semester at school. ttc was the last thing on my mind. And that same month I got a bfp. It is something I will keep in mind when I ttc again. I now have a beautiful 5 month old boy. Best of luck to you : )


Suzy0117 - February 16

You couldn't have posted this at a better time! This *just* happened to me 2 days ago. A friend of mine found out she was pregnant a couple months ago, and she was totally my ttc-buddy. We obsessed together on a daily basis! Now, she's like, "Maybe you should just try relaxing." I would venture to say that we hear about "relaxing" successes only because they stand out as unusual, not because it works better than timing, planning, etc. The person it actually works for will go out and preach it to the rest of the world because it worked for her, then everyone thinks it's some great tactic. Sigh. Thanks for letting me vent, too.


javidsgirl - February 16

i don't think this will go out of proportion venus it is good to always express how you should address certain issues and just a reminder that sometimes we have to think of others who are where we were so it is all good


krismit - February 16

Venus!! You could have just directed this to me!! Why did you seem so nice about it on MY thread and here you are so angry at me. If you didn't want to start a debate you could have just skipped over my thread and just posted this one and maybe then you wouldn't have made me feel so bad, unless that what you are trying to do.?!?!? I felt very bad about what I said when I re-read it. I am sorry.!!! but First of all. I NEVER obsessed about getting pregnant. I didn't have to. I was very lucky on how quickly it happened for me. and I found that when I PERSONALLY stopped trying to time it perfectly down to the tee it happened. I actually took a month off and thats when it happened for me that all I was trying to say.And Second, I concieved no where around my ovulation time. It can happen ANYTIME of the month the chances are just smaller thats all. ITs a game of chance thats all. You can't guarantee you will get pregnant even if you do everything under the sun that increases your chances and at the exact moment that it needs to be done. and I can't guarantee that if you do nothing you will get pregnant also. Its truly when all is said and done out of our hands. Its up to our body, the egg, the sperm and the conditions that they meet.. Good luck to you Venus!! and again I am sorry!!


Michelle_in_PDX - February 16

Venus, you are totally justified in your oprinion. During the 14+ months DH and I were TTC, I absolutely despised having people who were pg or had happy healthy babies with no issues getting pg telling me to stop thinking about it and relax and it would happen. I think people should be empathetic, and if they can't or don't understand the situation, they are not in the best position to give advice. Sometimes quiet support is much more appreciated. Hang in there, girl, you'll be pg soon! ***BABY DUST****


Michelle_in_PDX - February 16

Sorry, krismit, I didn't read all the posts in the thread when I posted--it looks like I am being rude when I read my post directly beneath yours! I apologize if it seemed this way--I was just sharing my personal views from my experiences with Venus, because I can understand some of the frustration she was going through. I wish you a happy and healthy 9 months!


javidsgirl - February 16

krismit i don't think she wanted a debate she was just expressing how she feels and how many other girls feel that is all why can't we all just get along and respect each others points of view regardless


LIN - February 16

Jen, how incredibly rude you are. What a b___hy thing to write on this thread...and ignorant, too. No, "relaxing" doesn't help anyone get pregnant, and you starting school had nothing to do with you getting pregnant. You were only trying for a measly four months! There's nothing more annoying than when someone like you who hasn't even had to try at all claims that it happened because you relaxed. No, it happened, because most women get pregnant within the first 6 months.


VenusdiMilo - February 16

Krismit, I meant every word I said on your thread…I’m happy for you…and I’m NOT trying to make you feel bad (God knows that’s not what I’m trying to do) But when I woke up this morning…I guess what you wrote just kinda hit me again…and I didn’t think it was a fair statement to make when YOU yourself posted several posts about signs you’re experiencing just recently….I really though it was pure hypocrisy. Yeah, I obsessed because this is something I want for me and my husband badly and, ALL I’ve been hearing lately is “Just relax it will happen!” So, once again I got peeved. I’m ent_tled to express my feelings. I’ve been TTC for 10 LONG months and nothing yet….my heart goes out to others who have been trying longer. So, in case you didn’t know it gets frustrating………I do accept your apology however, and I really want to end this now. I don’t like confrontation but I will keep it REAL...then I move on!! Good luck to you!!


Daynae79 - February 16

Jen was just sharing her experience. She wasnt trying to be rude at all. Why is everyone jumping down everyone else's throats? Just keep in mind that different things work for different people and doesnt hurt to share stories.



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