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justmeeee - April 13

I'm young, and I don't want to get pregnant, however, have had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend. I can't depend on a missed period as a clue, because I'm so incredibly irregular almost all of the time. What I do know is that my period was a month ago now give or take a few days. My br___ts have always gotten a bit sore before my period, but this has lasted much longer than normal, feel heavier than usually, and my nipples almost sting when I do something like adjust myself in my bra. Thy also have been getting just small pains here and there. I've been starting to feel nauseous and really dizzy. Going up stairs, walking a lot, and even standing up consistently are giving me a headrush. If I don't eat, I feel like I might puke, but never do, and same goes for after I eat for a short time. I have been getting pulling sensations below my bellybutton, and little twinges of pain on either side of it, slightly above, and below it. For two weeks now, I've also been getting dull, pretty mild period cramps on and off, usually only once or twice in the day, then they're gone, which has also never happened with my period. I've been extremely tired moody for weeks as well, and that's not me at all. After arguing with my mom, I cried for an hour after she apologized to me. On top of all this, in the past few days, I've been getting a slight ache in my lower back. I don't seem to have a fever, and it isn't getting worse, but I feel hot to the touch yet chilled with goosebumps sometimes. Other times, I'm getting so hot I need to shed a layer of clothes. I know many people are going to tell me to see a doctor or take a test, but I don't want my mom to know. I just want to know if this is all something I should worry about or if I should expect my period and quit stressing. I appreciate every person who reads all of this and gives me feedback.


Grandpa Viv - April 13

That's a pretty convincing list of early pregnancy signs. On the other hand, its not unusual for first s_x to give a girl a hormone rush that mimics pregnancy. Your irregular periods may involve problems which do the same. I don't see mention of more frequent peeing, or unexpected lotion discharge, nor vivid dreams, stuffy nose, or an acne outbreak. You have little choice but to take a couple of home preg tests at one week intervals. Let us know how it goes. Please use condoms for future adventures until you sort things out. Good luck!


justmeeee - April 13

I break out before all my periods, and I also pee significantly more before them, so the fact that I'm peeing four times a night at least could be for either reason. I'm exhausted, also, but at the same time, I'm not able to sleep long enough to dream. I just drift off, wake up, and can't get back to sleep again, which is unlike me. I didn't know a stuffy nose could be a pregnancy symptom, and I have had a runny, stuff nose lately. Thank you for your advice.


Grandpa Viv - April 13

Hmm! That belly b___ton piece is something we read of occasionally as an early pregnancy sign, but rarely as a false sign. Exhausted but unable to sleep well is also typical. If I had to place bets, I would say you are pregnant, but only a test will tell for sure. 1) Why can't you take a test without your mom knowing. 2) If you have become s_xually active, would it not be good idea to tell your mom so she can give you some guidance?


-gla__sfields - April 20

I think I started my period, although I'm still having all these symptoms, so I don't know what to think. I know the cramps I had weren't as bad as usual, but it did come around the week I would expect my period. Am I safe to a__sume pregnancy isn't the problem?


Grandpa Viv - April 21

gla__s, one in four pregnancies continues to have some kind of bleed at period time, usually lighter than usual. When it is over I suggest you take a home test just to be sure of your status, especially if symptoms continue. GL!


lexybaby41710 - May 2

hey sorry I can't figure out how to ask questions. but I really need help. lets see, I do have unprotected s_x. I haven't had a period for 4 months, almost five. I've taking like four preg tests all neg. urine tests twice both neg. and two blood test also neg. I have no symptoms what so ever. but most of the time I'm extremely moody. and my stomach is really hard, and the size kinda shows you know?(looks like it's growing some, and no I'm not fat)(no offense) also when I lay on it, it feels like somethings tapping inside.. I honestly think I'm going crazy! help me please.. :( ps Ive never had irregular periods. and I'm hardly ever stressed.


Grandpa Viv - May 2

That's enough of a change in body function that a doctor's exam is called for. Maybe you have a problem other than pregnancy. GL!



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