I Constantly Worry And Need Answers

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scaredman - June 5

Here is a little background information: My girlfriend and I are a healthy couple and I care about her a lot, but I am not ready to have a child as I am too young and not prepared for that major chapter in my life. On April 1st, 2010 I had s_x with my girlfriend without a condom. She is on birth control and is good with taking her pill regularly, however she does make mistakes, sometimes being late in taking the pill or missing it on a couple occasions (not a common occurrence). 8 days after having s_x she had her period in which she said was a day or two later then expected. Her period was much heavier than normal and she had experienced symptoms of nausea during the first night of her period. She assured me that the reason it was heavier was because she had missed her period the month before. (we were not s_xually active at that time) I continued to live in fear constantly worried that she is indeed pregnant. Exactly 28 days after her heavy period she had told me she had gotten her period again and was back to the normal period. She had no symptoms of nausea but I could sense during her menstruation period that something was not right. She wasn't as happy as she usually was and I would describe her as a little depressed during that time. Shortly after, I had moved away for the summer and she has gone back home to live with her parents working a job near by. During her next menstruation period (most recent) she again received her period after 28 days. Again, she is experiencing feelings of sadness in which I had brought up from being concerned. She said it's really strange because she just isn't happy and she was feeling this way ever since she started her placebo for this cycle. It was really easy for her to get upset and at some times she even started crying which scared me and made me worry even more. She had also mentioned that she was experiencing lower back pain, but assured me that pain had subsided the following day. I trust my girlfriend and believe she is telling me the truth, however I also feel that since she cares about me so much that she would fear telling me things that would cause me to overly worry. A closer look at my personality. I care about her a lot and would stay by her sad no matter what happens. I am 21 years old (as is she) and she was my first. I was very hesitant right away to have s_x with her, but eventually I felt that I was ready. After that night on April 1st I began to worry myself sick. I constantly asked her questions and feared that she was pregnant even though she assured me she was not. I worry so much that at times I would feel nauseous. I, to this day continue to worry that she is pregnant. I basically want someone to talk to about this. I tried speaking with my friends, but it was soon the topic of discussion throughout our group of friends. My questions to you: Is it likely that she is pregnant? Should I be worried? Are these symptoms she had described and that I have noticed common to menstruation or are they tell-tale signs of pregnancy? Any suggestions to me? I need help because I cannot continue to worry like this. Please, any suggestions!


lis1211 - June 9

Well with my experience it can be normal to be sick and even vomiting during menstruation, lower back pain is normal also. Even sadness and anger are perfectly normal. Its all hormonal. She could be having cramps etc. Maybe because you two are together longer she is just more comfortable to show her sad side to you? If she is getting her periods regularly then she more than likely is not pregnant. My suggestion to you is if you are so freaked out about pregnancy, then you probably shouldnt be having intercourse. That is the only 100% possibility of not getting pregnant. It sounds like you are not ready at all so that is my suggestion, dont play the game if you cant handle the potential outcomes. Good luck to both of you.


airforcewife13 - June 10

I dont think she is pregnant, but I think your so worried that she is that youve been obsessing and causing yourself anxiety. Im sure shes not but as the post above, I dont think your really ready.



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