I Don T Know If I Am Pregnant But I Did Something Stupid

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Deb - September 2

I am 19 my boyfriend and I had s_x. before we got started I told him I was on the pill, but I wasn't. In the middle of s_x I told him I was off the pill. He said he would pull out. When he tried to pull out I wrapped my legs around him so he couldn't. he yelled at me and left. It has been 2 1/2 weeks since that. I don't want a baby I don't know why I did that. I have been upset and don't leave the house much. I took a hpt and the line was hard to see. am I preg and should I feel guilty?


SaRaH - July 22

Just try to talk to him and explain that what u did was stupid and ur sorry! I am not sure if u r preg! take another test in a few days and see! U shouldnt feel guilty just tell him ur sorry! :)


Anon - July 22

Yeah just apologize. I am sure he will forgive you. =)


Deb - July 22

I got sick a cuple times so I took another test It said +. i don't know what he'll do. Since I made him c_m in me did I break any laws. I will fess up if asked I can't tell anymore lies. I get sick just thinking about the whole thing. Its all my falt.


Anon - July 22

It may be your fault as you made him do something he did not do, so if you are pregnant, he does not need to feel obligated to support you as he was forced to c_m in you. I know it was a mistake and you are really sorry bout it, but now is the time if you are pregnant to think about the baby and what your palns are in coping with this. You need to be really honest with your partner and unprotected s_x is not a game, it can really effect your life. Next time please be more careful and if your partner does not want to do something s_xual and you force him, that can be cla__sed as s_xual a__sault, just because you guys are dating does not mean you have dibs on each others bodys, there still needs to be consent there. I would take another test and then go to the doctors to confirm it. hope this helps, and good luck


ajax - August 1

yes you b___h


cookie - August 1

I would think that you would be the b___h!


Leigh - August 1

That is so decietful. You should feel guilty! This is how these poor guys get trapped into a lifetime commitment for something they were not ready for and when they aren't around for the child are looked at as deadbeat dads, when they didn't want a child in the first place. Feel guilty because you are, and your child will always be a mistake.


SaRaH - August 2

Leigh that was ugly! She made a MISTAKE like everyone else in this world has!!! She is SORRY for what she has done, but she cant take it back!!! You should be a little nicer!! Deb I think that you should tell him again and again that you are sorry! IT WAS A MISTAKE and he should get over it! Has he spoke to you since then????? I think it will be fine! GOD BLESS!!!


April - August 2

I feel sorry for you and most of all him. However he should of used a condom.But what's done is done you can't do anything about the past so move on talk to him and let him no your sorry. You be on your own with this child.


April - August 2

sorry i skiped a word ( you might be on your own with this child)


Helen - August 2

That sucks and you need to tell him the truth and that u r sorry and if he decides not to help, u only have yourself to blame. u cant force someone to do something, you raped him in a sence.


APRIL - August 2



Deb - September 1

I am pregnant what should I do?


SaRaH - September 1

Are yall still together?? Did he forgive you>> We havent heard from you for like a month!! I hope that you are ok and I think that you should tell him that you are pregnant!!


April - September 2

You are pregnant!!! Wow.. ok you seriously need to call this guy and talk to him...BUT not over the phone. DO it in person. How long have u two been together for?? Hopefully hes an understanding guy.. and will understand. If you cannot keep the baby do adoption. You can start looking for families now.. but the first step u need to make is to contact the father. He NEEDS to know.. u never know..maybe once he knows there is something growing inside of you that he and you created he will see things differently?? I think you should tell him.. I will cross my fingers for you!


!! - September 2

Get an abortion Deb, PLEASE!!!!!



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