I Don T Know If I Am Pregnant But I Did Something Stupid

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!! - September 2

Get an abortion Deb, PLEASE!!!!!


Sam - September 2

What a horrible girl you are. What you have done is considered as rape by law, so I'm not surprised your ex boyfriend ran off and isn't speaking to you now. Everyone here should shut their mouths, if this was the other way around you would be all calling the guy a rapist! She is 19, she is not a child, she knows what she was doing. You say yourself that you don't want a baby, so get an abortion and get on with the rest of your life. It sounds as though you have other issues surrounding your life so perhaps you should get counselling. Having a baby WILL NOT solve problems. I don't agree with the others here, I think telling your ex boyfriend about being pregnant will probably make him hate you even more. Get your life back and look forward!


April - September 2

I think it wa wrong of her to do that... but I dont think she should kill this child because of it! If anything yes you are right... she did do the wrong thing and should not have wrapped her legs around him... BUT what is done is done.. I dont think killing this child is the answer. I think adoption is.


hot stuff - October 14

oh man!!


C - October 14

hey Deb , wow that's ufortunate you got into tat situation. i know that sometimes you just lose your head in the moment. well now that was a pretty major mistake. you should serioiusly consider pros and cons of this child and even look into giving it up for adoption if you feel a child right now isnt best. you dont want the child in a messed up situation. we all make mistakes, just now you need to take responisbility. God bless girl and i sure hope it all works out for you and that this doesnt screw things up for your guy either


Candy - October 20

Yes, you should feel quilty. How dumb could you be. What was you thinking about.


E - October 20

Deb, this is awful. You need to face up to this and make a decision about what to do. I think you should involve him equally in the decision as you practically forced him to ejaculate in you. He is to blame also but you can't tell a 19 year old guy who is about to c_m - "Oh, I lied and I am not on the pill". This is not an problem that an apology will solve.


Lorena - October 20

What ever you do dont get an abortion, I had a miscariage and it was the WORST thing ever. Yes it was YOUR fault but it wasent the BABYS fault. Harmig a indefendless child is just wrong. Admit your mistake and be storong! My babys daddy left me cause of other reasons at the age of 16 and I worked so hard for my daughter and no she is with me and we are living fine. But anyways if I did it without the support of my parents and boyfriend but the best thing would be to talk to ur babys daddy!! God Bless You and your BABY!!


E - October 20

I just love how people impose their views about abortion on another person's life that they don't have to live.


Heather - October 21

If it makes you feel any better, I was having unprotected s_x with my boyfriend, but I was on top. When he told me to get up, I didn't. I now may be pregnant, but I believe everything happens for a reason. Something made you do that, just make the best of you situation.


tiff - October 22

you are stupid why on earth would you do that sereously i did the same thing bye telling my bf i was on the pill but no longer was but i didn'ty wrap my legs around him when he pulled out


mercades - October 22

ur a stupid b___h. your raped him and now want hi back. get over it. why would you wrap around him when you new what could happen? just do not get an abortion. adoption is the best answer. he definatly does not want you back. you took it upon yourself to allow this to happen so suck it up and deal with it. just do what you feel is right. apologize to him and then tell him that you do not expect anything from him unless he is willing to be apart of this childs life. explain to him that you guys do not have to be together but that you would hope he would like to be in the childs life after the wateers cooled down.


Erica - October 22

Just so we are clear the "pull out method" is NOT a form of birth control anyways!!! If she told him that she was not on the pill and he continued to have s_x with her he is responsible.


tiff - October 25

you should def keep the baby it is your fault this happened and now you have to take responsibility for your actions


tam - October 25

You have a chance to make a mistake into the most beautiful gift in the world. Give your baby up for adoption to a couple who will give it a wonderful home. Make something wonderful out of a situation that didn't begin that way. Good luck and I hope you do the right thing.


Keisha - October 29

Hi Deb, personally, it was wrong. But for all these people that are calling you names and saying you're stupid, they are some childish, irritating, good for nothing dirty b___hes!!! First of all only God can judge. Second if all, it was not rape dumb a__ses, rape is when you force someone to have s_x, they were already having s_x, duhhhh! Third of all, you told him you wasn't on the pill so there are consequeces of s_x whatever it's withdrawal or not. I don't think he hates you, i just think he's a little scared. oh, you're baby is not a mistake, it;s a miracle because a lot of people wish that they can get preg. SO I'll pray for you, the baby, and these punk selfish, no good, judgemental you know what, out here. Keep your head up girl!!!!!!!!!!!



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