I Don't Know If I'm Pregnant

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Mercie1267 - September 15

Hi, so my last period was August 25, I had some light pink spotting on the 23, but it stopped same day. But when it started on the 25th, it was light, more or less pink. It lasted 3 days instead of my usual 4 or 5, and I only bled heavy at night. When normally I just bleed heavy from the time it starts and it doesn't lighten up till the day it stops. 

Since my nipples have been darker, more erect, (sorry for the tmi) 

I have nausea bit don't throw up, and I'm SO very tired. 

My cm... Well my normal is creamy loitiony cm...

The other day it was tacky then went right back to creamy..

During what should have been my ovulation time this month I had egg white type cm...


I'm just very confused.

Could I be pregnant or am I freaking myself out over nothing? 

Thanks in advance :)


Mercie1267 - September 15

Oh would also like to add I had sex on August 12, but I'm pretty sure I was done ovulating. 


Grandpa Viv - September 15

Mercie, you have enough signs to justify a home test. Use first morning Pee and please let us know the result. Yes, your sex should have been after ovulation but not by much. Good luck. 


Mercie1267 - September 15

Thank you. I normally have 30 to 31 day cycles, but that last period was weird and its had me questioning. 

Like I said on august 23rd I had some light pink bleeding that day and some gummy like discharge, then the 25th I started what I think was my period.  That was light in the day, heavy at night, and lasted 3 days instead of 4 or 5, but I've also read implantation bleeding isnt supposed to be heavy. I just find it odd I've been nauseous all this time and my nipples have continues to look darker, not my areoles. And they aren't sore but just sensitive. My period is due in 9 days I'll wait to see if it comes. I'll keep you posted


Mercie1267 - September 15

I also have two kids ages 6 and 4 and I dont recall having implantation bleeding with them, and honestly forget most of the early signs. 


Mercie1267 - September 16

Update, I decidesd to take a pregnancy test and it was negative. 

I thought it looked like a VERY light positive but I think it was just the dye. 

But pretty sure its a negative. I took two both showed up the same way.


Grandpa Viv - September 17

It's still a week before your next period. A negative test at that time would carry more weight. 


Emm.grove - September 18

Hi Grandpa Viv,

The following are the details of my activities:

July 27 - Day 1 of period

Had unprotected sex and took plan B on Aug 2

Aug 7 - had period I assumed was plan B induced

Aug 28 - had another period which I assumed was my regular cycle

Sept 2 - had unprotected sex

Sept 4-8 started feeling unwell, slightly nauseaus

Sept 11 - feeling on the brink of fainting but didnt. Had feeling similar to UTI. Dull sometimes burninng feeling at lower left sides

Sept 15 - My breasts are bigger and sore, but no color changes. Cramps with varying degrees but never severe. My vagina feels tighter than usual, little to no discharge. 

I dont if I'm pregnant or when it is good to  check a pregnancy test. I've also used Plan B twice in a row, which was mid July and Early august(which triggered the aug 7 bleeding) . Any advise would be helpful! Thank you!



Mercie1267 - September 20

Grandpa viv, I'm waiting to see if it comes on my due date, nipples are still dark, a little itchy feeling sometimes, I'm also turning 26 in a few months so if I'm not maybe its hormone changes? Dreamt last night a pregnancy was confirmed but then had a csection and I had a little girl... 

I gotta say these next four or five days can't pass soon enough! 


Mercie1267 - September 20

Sorry if its tmi but I was checking my cervical position this morning, and it was low and soft.. Felt medium open...

Guessing not a good sign..

But found this very small amount of this gummy discharge it was thick and stretched between my fingers maybe a1/2 inch before breaking but looked long and a little dangly on my index finger, it was mixed with creamy white discharge, the creamy lotion like discharge is my normal. Just wondering if it might mean anything



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