I Don T Know What S Going On

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browneyes888 - April 7

O.k... tell me what you girls think... I don't think I am pregnant but it may be something else... I'll tell you the story.... I think the guy I have recently been with may have given me an std, or I think I may have pcos. So, this last cycle, I bled heavy for like 1 day, then pretty much spotted for another 6 days........ I had s_x the last day I was spotting (he is fixed which is why I don't think I am pregnant)... well a few days later, I started cramping and feeling bloated... and my nipples started to hurt....which is really wierd for me.. I don't even get that symptom when I am getting my period. What do you guys think? What do you think it could be? #1, It wouldn't have been around my fertile time, and he is fixed.. I just don't know what would be making me feel this way. I think I am going to call my doc. tomorrow.. anyone else ever have this?


browneyes888 - April 12

Hello? Anyone? Update, I'm still cramping...have been for the past few weeks and it's driving me nutz!! I never called my doctor... I feel dumb calling them about stuff!! Has anyone ever had the same thing and found out it was an std or cysts or something? I know it can't be pregnancy...so I just don't know what other options would cause me to feel this way!


winterwhite - April 12

I have never been in the same situation as this but I would definately go to your doc's as sometimes ovarian cysts can give out the same signs as pms and pregnancy and they can also cause spotting. At least if you go to doc's, they will be able to test you for pregnancy just incase and will be able to feel around your tummy for any possibly cysts. I wouldn't worry about an std though.. as far as I know, they don't give out those symptoms. But check with your doc's definately.. it will put your mind at ease :) Don't feel dumb about it, because they are there to help you.. don't worry about what people think of you hun :) Let me know how it goes. Good luck! ~x~


Grandpa Viv - April 12

Sounds like your signs started close to ovulation time, which makes me think it is cyst-related. The other possibility is that you got pregnant the previous cycle - if that is true, a urine test would show it by now. Good luck!


browneyes888 - April 12

grandpa viv, do you think I would get those symptoms though before I even ovulated? There is no way I could be pregnant from the last cycle... I had thought I was pregnant last month due to some of the same issues, but I took a test and it was negative...then getting my period again just confirmed that I was not... I would be in complete shock if I went to the doctor and said I was pregnant...because it's just not possible unless I ovulated super early this cycle and his vasectomy failed....which I don't think is the case..... I am going to give my doctor a call on Monday and see if she can get me is asap....my next AF should be due late next week, so maybe they will want me to wait until after that and see if the same thing happens again...who knows...wish me luck though!!



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