I Don T Need Answers

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Guest - June 19

Ok. I don't need answers just looking to see if anyone else has had the same thing as me right now. and hopefully someone has had this happen and can tell me what it is. Ok.. So AF was a day late and a little lighter than usual and didn't last as long. I usually have 3 heavy days and 2 spoting days. Anywhoo Af is lighter than usual. yesterday I spotted and today I have nothing at all. Well the only thing is I am having tons of watery cm. I mean lots like feels like af oozing(sorry graphic) and yet there is not even a trace of pink in it. Has this happened to anyone? tons of watery cm during/after AF? I hope someone has because this is just weird. thanks to any that reply


eilis - June 19

hi guest, this is similar to me. i am 5 weeks along. i was 2 days late for af and when it came is was really light. only enough to fill 1 pantyliner and after that still up until now i have had tons of watery cm. even a big glob of lotiony yellow cm (sorry tmi) every so often. but i did feel very wet, i kept checking if af was here full force because i felt this constant drip. hope that helps.


Danielle26 - June 19

I would wait a few days then take an HPT. The week before my AF, my CM dried up. I thought I was done for this month. Then, about 2 days before AF was due, I kept running to the bathroom thinking my AF was coming because I had so much CM. I got my BFP the day my AF was due. Good luck to ya!


guest - June 19

Thanks ladies. I guess i'm just confused cause AF came and I don't have any pg signs so I don't know what is going on really. I mean just a lot of watery cm. like rediculous actually. Thanks tho for your input


Rhonda - June 19

You dont always have symptoms when you are pregnant,my last pregnancy i had no symptoms other than a missed period.and i barely looked pregnant.I had only gained 17lbs that whole pregnancy.I just found out today i am pregnant again,but this time i have tons of symptoms.im 11dpo.good luck.


guest - June 20

Do you know if its possible to be O this early. Like 3 days after AF?? Cause it was my understanding that watery cm was the fertile cm that you get when Ovulating.. Maybe i'm completly confused with this


slowpoke01 - June 20

guest have you taken another hpt because some women still get a/f when they are pregnant so i would try another test just to see


Rhonda - June 20

Guest, cm can be watery and strechy during ovulation,or before you notice the ewcm.I would also say to do a hpt(just in case)


guest - June 20

Yes ladies I did take a test today and Bfn. and at the same time filled a pantyliner with watery cm.. I dunno what is going on with the ole body. so who knows what is happening.. probably just my body being screwy. Thanks tho for your replies



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