I Dont Have Periods So How Do I Know If Im Pregnant

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JCC - October 8

the pill im on has stopped my periods altogether so how would i know if i was pregnant as i wouldnt have the obvious 'missed period' Ive been on it for about 6months now. As im on the pill my partner and I dont use condoms. Lately, ive not been sleeping right for about the last 3 weeks and my eating patterns have changed, Ive just not been hungry at all then sometimes been really hungry but when I eat it remains unsatisfied. Now I have headaches and a weird feeling as if my face is swollen but isnt....I have dizziness even if Im sitting still. I feel like ive put on weight and am bloated but since im hardly hungry where has the weight come from? Anyone been in this same situation?


JCC - October 8

just to add to that im sure my nipples and b___bs have gotten bigger, my partner has aslo commented. I can see alot of viens in my chest now even standing a few feet away from my mirror they are noticable. What does anyone think I should do? Please help, im confused!!


sadiejai - October 8

have u taken a pregnancy test?


JCC - October 8

Not lately, I took one a few weeks ago with not coming on due to the pill but that was about...6 weeks ago, maybe longer


JCC - October 8

anyone please help.....does anyone know what im talking about? its starting to worry me...


Tonigirl - October 8

So you're on a pill that doesn't allow you to get have a period but for some reason you think that you may have gotten pregnant but because you're on the pill you're not sure how to tell. Well, if you think you might be pregnant you really shouldn't be taking your pill. I think that you're in an unusual situation and really need to go and speak with your doctor. If I were you I'd do it right away so that you can have some peace of mind.


JCC - October 8

youre right about it being an unusual situation! just the way im feeling now, it could be a possibility...the pill isnt 100% so theres always a chance isnt there? Im going 2moro after work if I can get an oppointment. Does it sound like im making something out of nothing though?


Tonigirl - October 8

Well, you never want to risk that you're pregnant when your still taking the pill...that could be damaging to the fetus. So, it's important to find out or stop taking the pill. Are you hoping that you ARE pregnant? Cuz sometimes when we're hoping to be pregnant we can overthink the situations that we're in and our mind plays tricks on us making us think that we are indeed pregnant. I remember when I was trying to get pregnant (which I'm pregnant right now) I would feel sick to my stomach and swear my nipples were sore and over a___lyze every little thing my body did and then sure enough, I wasn't pregnant. Now, as for getting pregnant on the pill...that is possible, but the chances are small. According to a birth control website I found, with typical use there is a 5% chance of getting pregnant (so 95% chance of not getting pregnant..which is pretty big) and with perfect use there is less than 1% chance of being pregnant. So, it could happen...but it's not too likely...although there are women who have had just that happen and have the little ones to prove it. So, that's why I'm saying that you should be seen by your doctor. IF you are pregnant you want to stop taking your pill and start taking your prenatals. It's just so important to not continue taking your pill if you're pregnant so the sooner you find out the better.


Anglbug002 - October 9

I got Pg while I was on the pill, so it is a possibility. I would just go get checked out by a doctor to make sure.


JCC - October 9

Thanks Tonigirl. Im not ttc but it wouldnt be all that bad is i was pg.....i guess i am hoping slightly I would be so maybes I am over thinking? Must admit though, I still feel really dizzy and tired most of the time, and still have the ever-changing apet_te. But my b___bs are not really sore or tender to touch.....ahh such confusion ha! :-( could it be signs of when I would usually expect me af but it never happens? If I got to the doctor it will be more accurate than a hpt wont it Thanks Anglbug Ive known people whove had that happen to them too...was yours a good thing....if its okay to ask


breezieb - October 9

Take A test or see your doc asap...if you stop taking your pill untill u find out use a backup method of bc if u dont want to be prego...also I got pregnant on seasonale before(it also stops your period) when I suspected... I tested...and got my answer. Good Luck


JCC - October 10

Thanks everyone whos commented. Ive just been to the doctors, gave a fmu sample but I wont get the results until monday morning....going to be a long weekend I think! Will keep you all updated x


Tonigirl - October 10

Good luck! I hope that it works out the way that you are truly hoping it does. Take care and God Bless...



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