I Dont Kno If Im Pregant Or Not And Im 14

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Elizabeth Emily - August 27

the day after my period, the guy im dating and i made out, and he jacked off, and then he fingered me..and 4 days after that i started feeling sick and for 3 wks now ive been hurting in my lower back, and i was suposed to start my period aug. 10 or 11 and now its aug. 14...and i was just wondering if i am or not, and i just turned 14!!...Worried!


wifey - August 14

go get a test! seriously, get a test from CVS or something and check it out... if your test is positive talk to your parents, don't be afraid of them... you'd be surprised how helpful they can really be... angry but helpful!


suuny - August 14

well when he fingered you did he have s____n on his hand? if he had c_m anywhere near your v____a or inside then there is a chance that you could be preganant. just get a test, they have them at the dollar store. good luck!!!


mc - August 15

if your only 14 your periods most likely aren't going to be like clockwork for a couple years. but just go get a test to ease your mind. the nausea could be from worrying that you could be pregnant!


Jess - August 15

I will pray for you my love.


Tammy - August 17

I am 29 and have 2 children and believe me it is hard now even thu I am Married. Being 14 is a hard age. You are still so very young. I would take a test just for the heck of it. Good luck sweetie. All people make MISTAKES!


ashley - August 20

me and my boyfriend did that but he wiped the c_m off his hands so if your guy didnt do that and he just fingered you then i would take a test just in case


jo - August 20

you could be pregnant,but your period is probably just not as regular as it will be once your out of your teens.stress will cause irregularity also.you should talk to a parent,get an appointment for a complete checkup with a gynecologist,that is if you are s_xually active you should get a pap smear and test for s_xually transmitted diseases.be safe,always use protection,and remember not having s_x is just as cool as havig s_x,and alot less stressful.


me - August 24

i have the same problem but im pretty sure im not preg. if yall didnt have s_x then you should have nothing to worry about your probably paranoid about it like me and your mind is playing tricks on you but get a test somehow and check.


kat - August 27

yes, ur defantly pregnant!


Tavien - October 2

well sweetie there is a big chance that you are pregant. but just to make sure you should go get an pregancy test. And if so, you need to see your doctor.



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