I Dont Know If My Gf Is Pregnant

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dk - November 11

Alright, my gf and I are 15. I am definitely scared if she is pregnant because we didn't have s_x, but we were screwing around with my boxers on and hers off. I didn't use a condom. My "yeah" was out but she never touched it. Now we are really scared if she is pregnant or not because of the fact that her period was missed in a couple of days. She has brown stuff on her panties, but I dont know if its "spotting". I'm calmer than before, but i'm just as scared. I love my girlfriend, and I hope that she isn't pregnant. I just need to know if she is pregnant or not. Because this has been on my mine since the day it happened. It happened about 3 weeks ago. And she had her last period the 1st of october and ended the 7th of october. I don't know. I'm so scared. :cry:


DF - November 11

Hi think you and your gf need to talk to an adult you trust, or a school counsellor....tell them your concerns and tell them how worried you are about it all. Hows your g/f feeling, is she freeking out also??


hmmmm - November 11

She needs to take a home pregnancy test. I doubt she would be pregnant if you did not have s_x, but it is possible. Take a test to ease your mind.


r - November 11

I don't believe any 15 year old kid would that stupid. Is it really that fun for you to come here and mess with these women? We all have better things to do than play you games. Go play some video games or something!


Serious - November 11

This could be a serious situation.


ok - November 11

a teenager might have irregular periods. Just test and then go do something teens shoud do..see a movie, video games, leave s_x for a much later time.


r - November 11

Could a 15 year old kid, who has access to all sorts of information in this day and age, really think his girlfriend is pregnant after his girlfriend didn't even touch his "yeah"?!?!?!? I can't see how this is a serious question! If it is--dk kid...pay attention in s_x ex...and if you don't know how women get pregnant...you shouldn't be screwing around at all!



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