I Dont Know What To Think

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Jessica - November 9

I have a bunch of pregnant symptoms but im not sure if a am or not. These are the symptoms i have right now, frequent urination, i gained 13 pounds in the past 3 weeks, very sore br___t, lower abdomonal pain, slight fever, slight back pain, moodiness, discharge, and bleeding (heavy for the first day and light since then which is not normal for me). if anyone is any idea about whats going on please help. i would love to be pregnant!


m - November 9

wow, you gained 13 pounds in 3 weeks? How far along do you think you are? These could be pregnancy symptoms, but could also be PMS symptoms. The 13 pounds is what I find unusual. I would see a doctor.


Erin - November 9

Where does your back hurt because I think I am pregnant too but my back chronically hurts but lately it has been REALLY hurting toward the top.


Jessica - November 9

this ones to m, i think it either happened in the middle of september or the beginning of october. the reason i say that is b/c i started feeling some of these symptoms in september, and then in october, and now more in november. the thing that makes me think im pregnant the most is the 13 extra pounds ive put on in the past 3 weeks. and its very obvious, and my fiance says it looks like the starting to take the shape of a basketball. he also says i have "the glow" that i guess some pregnant women have.


Jessica - November 9

this ones to Erin, my back has been hurting towards the middle and at the bottom.


jessica - November 9

oh and i forgot one, i have been feeling extremly tired. like i will just wake up and i could go back to sleep for another 9 hours or so.


bump - November 9



E - November 9

So I am a__suming you have done the obvious and tested several times? What happened when you tested?


Viv - November 9

Sounds like 9 or 10 weeks to me. Good luck at the doc's. Hope you're taking vitamins.


Jessica - November 9

yeah i have tested but they have all came back neg. I have an apt with my doc for this thurs. to get a blood test done. and i have been taking prenatal vitamins.


E - November 9

I figured but you can never be sure if someone tested. Good luck and post when you know:)



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