I Dont Knw Please Help

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bwitt69 - March 16

ok well ima start with i shlda started my period on the 9th or the 10th of this month(MARCH)and it is now saturday the 15 of march and still nothing i got cramps like ima start and still got tha strechy clear mucus i havent ever done that with the discharge before my period and not only that im 6days late and i have been ttc and no luck for 5 months now but could this be it should i wait longer til i do a test idk i just dont wanna get dissapointed w another negetive stick! please help asap i want a baby


alm - March 16

hello bwitt69, I am in the same situation. TTC since Nov 2006. Husband has low sperm count and awaiting surgery which may be able to help. Also investigating IVF egg share schemes which offers cheap IVF if you donate some of your eggs to woman who can't use their own. However, according to my cycle I'm late....told hubby today but he brought me back down to earth and reminded me that doc said we prob couldnt have a baby on our own and that I must have my date muddled up. I always get AF 14 days after ovulation (bbt temp goes up, mucus etc) so i should have got my period maybe 10-14th but nothing except spotting (v light). LMP was 9th Feb and I am usually have about 32 days cycle. Was going to buy a test today but supermarket had none, so am going to wait for AF - I have no preg symptoms or PMS either which is usually sore BBs. I do feel sleepy though and have back ache which is unusual. I dunno what to think x


Grandpa Viv - March 16

Alm, if your temp stays up over 18 days, it is a strong sign of success. Bwitt69, late and lotion discharge is encouraging. How about tired, peeing, super ga__sy, and other unusual PMS signs? Use first morning pee when you test. Good luck!


MelissaP - March 16

bwitt-Do you chart your bbt? Do you know how long your cycles are? Do they vary from one month to the next, or are they consistent? You have to take into account these factors when trying to determine when to test. Charting will help you pinpoint when you ovulated, and once you know, you can determine when to test. I think it is safe to say that you can start testing like 14 dpo, and continue every other day until you get a positive or start your period. Good luck to you bwitt!



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