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jay - March 8

Hey rite i need help, i had s_x on the 2/26/05 and i was ovulating on that day for three more days, after my br___ts got 2 sizes big and r really really sore! i've had a wierd feeling in my womb! and have only had a little sharp feeling only the once. I always want food aswel. I mean mean just now i've had two meals in a space of an hour an half and still want food. Also i'm using the totilet like never before and one more thing i have discharge, very white and not smelly PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE


jay 1 more thing - March 8

my period is in 6 days and i always have period pains near to my date aswel but have not got them


chriss - March 8

You seem to have a few pregnancy symptoms, when is your period due. If it's due in a few days you could take a test now (which may turn out neg, because it may be too soon) or you could wait until a few days after your period was due. Either way, you should take a test. Good luck!!!


La Rae - March 8

So you are only approximately 7 to 10 dpo? When did all these things start happening to you? Are you ttc? Or is this something you don't want? I would say that if you have all those things going on and you are not pg - then you definitely need to get to the doctor. If your period is due around the 14th - the best thing you can do is wait and test at least a day afterwards. But then again....since you have VERY stong signs pointing to pregnancy, you might test pos a few days early if you go get a First Response Early Preg test. Good Luck!


JAY - March 9

Girls thank you so much! i' due on the 14th and stil had no signs that i'm c_min on ahhh! i'm using the totilet more aswel, 2 la rae (wot does ttc mean) It started about a week after i had s_xs, but the eating has started snice a day ago, i was at my freinds yesturday and i was walking down the road and had a sharp feeling 4 about 3mins.i wanna wait till the 16th and if i do dont then i'll take a preg test. i also do have tiny bumbs around the nipple!and my rite nipple is a bit more senstive then the other. please give me some more feed back, thank you so much



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