I Dont Understand TheCERVIX Open Closed Quest

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karen - May 23

i dont understand the cervix open/closed questions----how do you check ??? when you are pregnant is it open-colsed ??? what about the cm---how should it be if you are expecting ??? (in early stage pregnancy)


to karen - May 23

when you are pregnant your cervix should be closed...but that isnt the only time is should be closed either, it also is closed before af, and before o, the only time it should be open is during af, and o...i hope that helps some. i really dont know how to explain how to check though, sorry i cant be of much help with that. good luck!


Jenn - May 23

how do you tell if the cervix is open or closed? im not understanding it myself. and what is the cm all about what is pastey, and clear?


to jenn - May 23

i amnot an expert---hopefully grandpaviv can verify---when it is clear and stretchy---you are ovulating---when it is white and pastey....hummmm i dont knew---maybe berfore af ??? grandpaviv---what does white lotiony pastey mean before an expected af ?????


Grandpa Viv - May 23

Check with a clean finger or two in the same position each time, squatting in shower or leg up on rail. You prob need to go through a complete cycle to get the feel of open and closed. The only time it is open is at ovulation, which is when the cervix is also soft, high and wet. The rest of the month it should be lower, hard like the tip of your nose, and closed. In early preg it yoyos around and is not a good indicator. Fertile ovulation mucus is raw egg-white (ewcm) and can be stretched an inch or more between finger and thumb. Quite a few women get an unaccustomed discharge in early pregnancy often described with the words "wet down there", "lotion", or "running to the bathroom thinking AF is coming".


karen - May 23

but how can you tell if you cervix is open or closed ?????


Paula - May 23

When the cervix is open it feels like pressing your fingers against your soft, moist lips, and when the cervix is closed it feels like pressing your fingers against the tip of your nose, where it is firm, hard-like. Hope that helps. However, when cm is clear, stretchy or lotion-like with not clumps it is a go indication of fertility. Start bding. Baby Dust to you.!!!!!!!


kris - May 25

ok---so i am expecting af in 2 daystoday during a finger check it was lotiony but a bit brownish---what could it mean ???? should i take an hpt or do you think af is coming- has this happened to anyone and they are now expecting ?



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