I Doubt It But I Have Symptoms

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Sarah - May 7

The period before my last I ended three days early, and on my usaul seventh day my boyfriend ejaculated within me. Now I was told that that is okay because no matter what you can not get pregnant during your period. During all of April I began to feel fatigue, I felt sick off of foods that I use to eat all of the time, and I had headaches almost everyday, they would be so bad that I would feel nausea. I attributed this to my increase in exercise and my body just being sick of the bad foods I was eating. My last period came on time, but it was spotty, and ended early, which is abnormal for me, but I attributed to stress. Now, so far this month I have begun urinating very often, I have constipation and bowel movements everyday, and my boyfriend continues to comment on how large my br___ts look. I have some heartburn this week, indesgtion, and just this past week my belly has begun to look a lot larger as well, but it feels semi-mushy. I have a lot of the symptoms, but I refuse to believe that I actually am pregnant, not that I would be sad, but it would just be very shocking. I took a home pregnancy test before my last period and it was negative. Could I actually be pregnant or am I just gaining weight and feeling my body's reaction to stress?


amy w - May 7

have you just stopped taking any kind of birth control? there is a chance that you could be, i think to ease your mind some you should take another test, and if it is still negative, talk to your doctor, good luck to you, i hope that i helped some


Sarah - May 8

I'm not on birth control. For some odd reason, I don't want to go to my doctor, I'd rather have definite signs and just know rather than definitely be told. I know its weird...


jen - May 8

I know how you feel about wanting definite signs and not wanting to be told. But in my case I don't want to be told I'm not preg. But good luck to you.


Grandpa Viv - May 8

I have a long list of possible early signs at http://users.adelphia.net/~graveslane/fertility.htm (remove hyphens) If it is more than a week since you last tested, it's time to do it again. Good luck!


Erin - May 8

If you did a HPT before your last period, it may have been negative as you weren't far enough after conception to register BFP! I would take a test if it were me - if you are pregnant, you may need to change your lifestyle a little to look after yourself! No judgement here on your current lifestyle, but if you are TTC, you consider things like cutting down on alcohol, soft cheeses etc - just being super healthy really! Good luck - I hope it turns out as you hope.


Sarah - May 9

Thank you so much. Do you think another HPT would be effective, or should I go to the doctor. Since last week, I have had constipation so much after everything I eat, I have stopped eating multiple meals per day, and my stomach has gone down, which wasn't the goal, but I am tired of feeling sick after every meal. If my stomach has gone down some, could I still be pregnant?


Adrian - May 9

After so many of the "possible" early pregnancy symptoms, how can`t you tell? You ARE pregnant - even if you don`t wanna be told this. Just think - what else could be causing the "spotting"... the "fatigue"... the "nausea"... the "enlarged b___sts"... the "constipation"... the "frequent urination" - if you count them, they`re 6 - more than half of the early possible symptoms... What more do you need to understand, and to actually go to a good doctor? Pregancy is not a disease - the obstetricians aren`t THAT kind of doctors... Find one that you like, and stick with him/her. However, b4 that, you "could" try another HPT...


Sarah - May 9

Adrian, I would possibly agree with you, but my tummy isn't hard, it just got bigger, and the only spotting was during my last period. It came and then stopped for a few hours, then came and stopped a day later. I thought pregnant spotting was throughout the month?


Grandpa Viv - May 10

Sarah, I think you have a couple of misconceptions. Your tummy does not get "hard" in early pregnancy. The uterus sits above your bladder and behind the pubic bone and slowly pushes your gut up and out as it grows. It's months before you can feel the hardness of the uterus itself. As far as bleeding goes, one in four pregnancies experiences some kind of bleed usually at period time during the first trimester. but it is lighter than a regular period. You have enough signs that you should be taking pre-natal vitamins and otherwise behaving pregnant until you know otherwise. [email protected]



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