I Dreamed Of Big BFP

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Melany - June 27

Last night I dreamed that doctor told me to do a test in her clinic and in a few second I so to fat red lines and doc told me that yes this is a positive and you are pregnant!!! Please, anyone - Does this mean that I am not pregnant??? -------------- I am 9 DPO, have some signs- --------------back pain, nausea, extremely tired and sleepy, tingles in my lower abdomen and kind of cramps all the time, when I lay down in my bed I feel pressure in my belly button and slight movement, in the morning my stomach is full and kind of nausea and I guzzle all the time, veryyyy gassy (sorry), my bowels are all over the place, sweaty face and all over my body (can be weather) and yes sometimes milky and watery discharge---------------------- Sorry for being long but I desperately need some opinions from you.


Nena - June 27

Wow Melany, we have such a similar signs, I feel exactly the same but appart form all the signs I am also very moody and my righ leg is kind of crampy. I hope that your dream come true ~*~*~*~*~ BABY DUST TO YOU ~*~*~*~*~


Gina - June 27

Good luck Melany, may all your dreames come true. Your signs look premising though. ;o)


Melany - June 27

Anyone dreamed of BFP and than really got one? I am so desperate to know, i never dreamed of something like this. Please anyone have any comments? :(


Kim - June 27

Hi Melany. I have been trying to figure out for the last couple weeks if I am pregnant or not and I have had TONS of dreams about it!!! I think its probably because its a huge issue on your mind and they say you bring all your troubles to bed with you at night! Im still waiting to find out if I am gonna get my BFP or not, but I sure hope you get yours! :o)


Malany - June 27

Kim thank you for your comment. I guess that it's just out too much of thinking. Baby dust to you


bump - June 28



Paula - July 13

Hello I had a similar dream. I dreamt I took a test and saw 2 lines, I was in awe, didn't believe it but was so excited. Hope it means a BFP tomorrow. I am 11 dpo. How did yours turn out?


millisson - July 13

i'ver had about 5 dreams over the last week that i am pregnant . i have all the signs but i'm still not sure if i am or not i'll let you know when i find out


Paula - July 13

Thanks, it feels good to know that I am not the only one out there.


Mary - July 13

Hi! I am 9 dpo also, I ovulated on the 4th... I almost the same symptoms as you, except I wake up hungry lol, and I never have before! I also had a dream that I was bfp. When are you going to test? I am so anxious and I "feel" pregnant that I want to know as soon as possible. I am most probly going to test on 14th, four days before AF id due. Good Luck *~BabyDust~* to you and all!!


Paula - July 13

Hi Mary, I will be testing on tomorrow at 12 dpo, af is due on Sunday-Tuesday. I hope it is a BFP and my dream come true. Sending Baby dust your way! I will keep you posted.


hezbux - July 13

Melanie, Hi! I did have a dream that I was doing the pregnancy test and got a positive.....I woke from the dream at 3 am, did the test, and guess what, it was a plus! I had done 3 tests prior that were all neg, but had been too early. I got the plus 2 days before my period was due.


Ashley - July 13

I have been having dreams that other people I know are pregnant....and Before I used to have dreams that I was pregnant but it turned out that it was someone else and not me.... Waiting for AF to "not" show up!



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