I Feel Like I M Crazy Any One Else

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Amie - May 15

My husband and I tried on the 26th of april. I noticed that I was dizzy and soar on the chest, with cramps in the first week after we tried, then the next week came (week 2 after trying) I noticed an appit_tate change, more dizziness, soar br___ts, heart burn!!! I never have heart burn. I also started to get a little nasues from the heart burn, and If I stood for too long I was even more dizzy, My lower back started to ache. veins appeard on my chest. I was due on May 7 for my period but in turned out to be 6 days late. Before it came I had cramps so bad in one side that I was often times on my knees near tears. I finally gave in and gave in a started to take pain meds to coup withe pain. I also get cramps frequently in my middle abdomine, also very unusaul for me. when my period finaly came it was barely a trickle enough to notice when you wipe. then next day it was a little heavier but nothing like my normal periods. I have seen a dr. twice who didn't seem very much wanting to understand or help me, only kept having the nurse come in and answer my questions. I have taken 9 urine tests and 1 blood test the kind of blood test that only states neg or postive. not how much hormone is in the blood. All these tests have been neg. I feel like I'm pregnant only by how my body is acting, but I don't know if this is normal. I'm going crazy tring to understand whats going on, and how to coup with the pain that is off and on not constant. Are there others out there that are just as crazy as I feel and had any results or found a dr. who cares?


Maggie - May 16

You need to have an ultrasound NOW. Cramps that have you doubled over and crying, and require pain meds to control are not normal. These symptoms are also not consistent with a healthy pregnancy. Some of these symptoms are a__sociated with ectopic pregnancies, ovarian cysts, and fibroids. I'm sorry if I am being overtly blunt, but if you are trying to concieve if any one of the things I mentioned is the problem, it could be taken care of and you will be able to safely concieve in the future. I'm a healthcare professional in the imaging modalities (ie; MRI), and in my professional opinion I would say that you absolutely should get an ultra-sound. I would also advise that if your doctor has not already suggested this he/she is not worth their degree. Your symptoms along with negative blood and urine tests are not normal for a healthy woman in her child bearing years. As a mother myself I know how important reproductive health is and I think you really need to raise some hell about this. Please keep me posted on what happens. I pray that you are healthy and this is all just a fluke in your cycle. Lots and Lots of luck.


Amie - May 17

Thank you Maggie, I see a new gyn tomorrow and hopefully things will turn out.



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