I Feel Movement In My Tummy Am I Pregnant

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Lisa.H . - March 21

me and my husband have been trying for a baby now for almost a year, last september i had a miscarrage and ever since that my body has just been so weird, my periods are irregular now and they only seem to last 3to 4 days but all through the month i get cramps like period pains ,i get cramps on my lower left side of my back and on my tummy too. ive done loads of hpt all negative but recently in the last 3 or 4 weeks my tummy has expanded and i feel movement like a baby kicking inside me, please help me need your advice what do you all think? is this a sign of pregnancy? am i pregnant?


Cutie - March 21

Did you do a home preg. test recently?


Lisa.H. - March 21

Forgot to mention i have felt sick alot too but havent vomited and also have had sore and sensitive b___sts i am just so confuesed i feel so pregnant but yet the test say otherwise.


Lisa.H. - March 21

yeh done one last week


Keisha - March 23

I'm going through something simular. Read Tubes Tied but Possibly Pregnant and respond


Lisa.H. - March 23

hiya Keisha, what do u mean? dont quite understand.


Keisha - March 23

I have an article a little ways down from this one called Tubes Tied But Possibly Pregnant I & II That will explain my situation more clearer.


Lisa H. - March 23

Keisha, read your post makes more sense now. im still feeling movement, still feeling a bit sick and alot of headaches, my tummy just feels really weird i feel alot of pressure on my lower part of my tummy. i am 25 yrs old and have 2 beautiful girls already with no problems whatsoever. what do you think??


Keisha - March 23

Lisa it's possible that you could be pregnant. I'm having some of the same things going on as well. look in one of my article to get my email and keep me posted!!


Lisa H - March 24

Keisha, will do, thanks very much for answering anyway. hope everything works out for you. good luck!!



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