I Gave In I Took The Test

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HeavenisMine - March 13

And it was a BIG FAT FRICKIN PREGNANCY! I am soooo happy and tired, I am going to rest with my honey! That's all the results you need ~Savannah


HeavenisMine - March 13

I meant POSITIVE. I am sooooooooooooo tired....so excuse me for that! Next pregnancy, here we go!


Martha31 - March 13

Oh my God!!:) I am sooo happy for you:)))Congratulations!!!! and happy 9 months!!


staci - March 13

Congratulations savannah!!! wonderful news!!


DaBonkElsMe - March 13



HeavenisMine - March 13

Eeeek thank you all! I took my test in a Jolly Pirates bathroom. Didn't get any donuts though. They were right across the street from the pharmacy. and their toilet was gross! I am going to relax and watch some movies! I am praying this will be the best year for each and every one of us!!


tonia - March 13

Congrats Savannah! Is this your second? Happy healthy 9 months! : )


HeavenisMine - March 13

Well let's see, first was chemical I guess, you would have thought it was just a period. I lost my second at twelve weeks, and now this one. I am not even worried, whatever the outcome is, I have no control. I am just going to take care of myself because I am pregnant today. Thank you so much!!!


MammaJL - March 13



sososleepy - March 13

Big Fat Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEEE for ya! I hope you have a fabulous pg and more!


HeavenisMine - March 13

yippeee!! Thank you sososleepy, I am sososleepy too! How are you lately?


moos_xing - March 13

Just wondering how long you waited to test? Thanks I'm trying to figure out when I should test.


moos_xing - March 13

AND CONGRATS!!!!!!! Happy 9 months!


HeavenisMine - March 13

Today is the day of my expected period and I got a kind of faint positive, but it was definitely there! I think it's best to wait at least until the day of your expected period or a little after, so the results will be more accurate, it fluctuates in all women though! Ohh I hope you get the result you want! Thank you so much.


HeavenisMine - March 13

Girls I know I am still early on but right now I am struggling through this terrible urge to vomit. It feels like my stomach is trying to push it's way up! Anyone know how to deal with that?


tbtemplet - March 14

congrats!! Have a great 9 mos!!


carla123 - March 14

hi ya!! congrats heavenismine when is your edd? mine is 22nd nov i am 4 weeks!!! found out two days ago, xx



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