I Give Up Trying Its So Frustrating

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Hopeless - March 10

The last two periods I had were strange. I normally am a 24 cycle and the last two periods were both spotting brown cm and the last one about a week early. I can't get in to see my doctor cause her staff really stinks (I always have a hard time to get an appointment and they are very rude) so now I'm stuck in limbo trying to get an appt to see what's going on. I normally go through a box of tampons per period. I've had nausea, constipation, really bad gas, bloating, pants are getting tighter, sore nipples about four weeks ago for about two days, dizziness, cramping off and on and many others and have been testing negative. I don't know if I test too early but don't want to retest again too soon because its really expensive. I was supposed to have a/f Mar 5 and started spotting Feb 27 off and on for a week and constant cramping off and on for about the past five weeks. I really feel for you all who are TTC and get the run around. Is it really worth sometimes hoping but I do wish all who ask for advice and questions much much baby dust! I've even stumped Grandpa Viv!


vanessa - March 10

Don't give up... I'm sending you MUCH BABY ******DUST******


Audrey - March 10

Hopeless- Judging from your symptoms, you might just be pg this time but your hormone levels aren't high enough to register on tests. Chin up and keep trying to get to see your doc for that blood test. Best wishes!


Misty - March 10

Unless you really like your doctor and it is just her staff that sucks I would consider getting a new doctor. If she is a good doc though then I'm sorry you have to put up with so much to see her. Good luck getting in.


Hopeless - March 10

Who knows at this point if I am preg. I'm trying to be responsible as I'm on a prescrip med and probably shouldn't be on it if preg. Either that or I've miscarried cause I've bloated up so much in the last few days and having cramps that who knows at this point. Unfortunately I just can't go out and get another doctor as there is a major shortage where I live say 1 for every 5,000 to 8,000 people or better but just her staff sucks. The only hard part is telling my hb that I'm not sure if I want to try again. But its too hard to figure out when ovulation is and how to use BBT's and Ovulation kits. I know we haven't tried for very long but I thought it wouldn't be so difficult and I was never on the pill.


Kay - March 11

Hang in there to see what happens maybe you are preg!



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