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Kaity - January 14

I didnt post very much on here but I stalked it a lot. After 5 months ttc I got my BFP. so here were my symptoms for those looking for the bfp. weird little cramps on my right side and low center ab. I didnt get my positive untill I was one week and one day late. negative up until that point. then just as I got my + my nipples hurt very badly my cervix rose very high. and they cramps felt so odd I can not sleep. any other questions just ask me. ****^*~~~~~BABY DUST~~*****~~~~*******


DANI - January 14

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's to a happy & healthy 9 months ahead of you.


mgn - January 14

did u have more cm than usual? i have a ton everytime i go to the b-room? usually i get some before af but i am not due for another week and it has been consistent for the last 5 days.........


mgn - January 14

oh, congrats! much luck 4 a happy and healthy 9 months.


Kaity - January 14

thanks ladies! and mgn I didnt have that much at all, but then a few days after af was due i has a lot of lotiony


MelissaP - January 14

That's great! Congratulations on your BFP. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy and take those vitamins. Good luck to you! =)


DownbutnotOUT - January 14

Congrads and what a nice way to start this new year ahead :)


izechsmama - January 14

Kaity, congrats!! you remind me of myself hopefully!! i am currently 4 almost 5 days late... i tested one day after AF was missed and got a negative... i've had many many symptoms.. including those you have mentioned.. and i've noticed alot of lotiony discharge in the last few days and my cervix is also very high, closed and soft... we are testing again tomorrow.. its my DH and my anniversary and we are hoping for a BFP to celebrate with!!! thanks for giving me hope!! :)


Megs - January 14

Congrats Kaity!!! :-) Wishing you a happy and healthy nine months!


VenusdiMilo - January 14



staci - January 14

Congrats and good luck! And good luck to you izechsmama!


BrendaW - January 14

THat is awesome Congrats


Ella82 - January 14

Congratulations wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!!!


riss - January 14



lissica - January 14



jenn_ns - January 15

Congratulations Kaity!!! Hope you have a happy & healthy nine months! xx


socalmom - January 15

Congrats Kaity...Great news!



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