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littlerose80 - June 3

Just wanted to share with you my story. I was 13 dpo. I used clear blue digital test. I had to go to the washroom at 4am so did the test. It was positive within a few seconds. YEAH. I still can't believe i'm writing this. anyway woke up husband who was very happy but is already back asleep and i can't even come close to sleeping. My symptoms started with extreme fatigue about 7 dpo. I also had some light cramping around 7dpo. my br___t started getting heavy around 10 dpo but didn't think too much of it because they always get heavy and uncomfotable around period but at 12 dpo i started getting some weird sensations in them - kind of a shooting pain -but not really pain and it only last a few seconds. I have also been peeing constantly. I have been pretty moody and emotional. Even though i am really tired during the day and all i can think about is coming home and going to bed i find that i actually can't fall asleep. Also the cramps have continued throughout but not very bad just hear and there. I don't have much of an appet_te but not really nausea. That's about all that i can think of. If you ahve any questions or anything please ask away or if you just want to chat.


tritty - June 3

congrats littlerose! i just got my bfp this weeks too! i know what you mean about not being able to sleep. every day at 5pm i get so tired i can barely see straight and then at night i can't sleep at all. i guess that's all part of the fun. congrats again!


oz - June 3

congratulations, i hope you have a stress free healthy pregnancy xx


Lin - June 3



Grandpa Viv - June 3

Congratulations!! Thanks for the feedback, Rose. Everyone appreciates this kind of detail. Have a happy 22.75 years!


VenusdiMilo - June 3

Congratulations Littlerose!! How long have you been TTC? Good luck with everything.


littlerose80 - June 3

This is actually only our second cycle trying.


Amber #2 - June 3

Congrats littlerose!!!


sweetestchic - June 3

10000000 congrats!!! b__w some baby dust our ways please :)


Danielle26 - June 3

Congratulations that God blessed you so soon after ttc!! I hope that the blessings will be plentiful for all of us!



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