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rj_80 - February 26

Oh my god! DH and I are so so so excited! I got a bfp!!!!!!!! Decided that January TTC was hampered by being totally jet lagged after gettting home from New Zealand so we had no chance. This month we followed the advice to the letter and it worked! He or she is a valentines day baby!!!! Thought that it hadn't worked at all this month because o'd early on CD 12 then bled on 6dpo and got worried. Turns out must have been implantation or something because yesterday I thought bugger it and tested only to get a really faint BFP. So excited. Tested again this morning and it's much much stronger so I feel a little less apprehensive! Only signs were feeling thirsty all the time, constantly hungry and increased cm. However, last night had to get up at 2am desperate for a wee! Have no idea what I'm supposed to do next so going to call doc this morning before work. Haven't told my mum yet - she lives 300 miles away and I want to see her face to face when she finds out! Planning a trip back home in a few weeks if we can get flights. I keep forgetting then remembering and getting butterflies with excitement! Baby dust to everyone....... *********************************************


whatisgoingon - February 26

Wow!! How cool is that!! Congratulations, you must be over the moon! I can only imagine how ecstatic you & dh must be right now! *Big hugs!* I am wishing you all the best in your preg, have a happy & very healthy and FUN 9mnths! Make sure u enjoy every moment! Keep us posted! xo


Megs - February 26

CONGRATS on the BFP!!! :-) I wish you a great happy and healthy nine months!!! I know how excited you must be to tell your mom! Anyway special?


MammaJL - February 26

~*Congratulations*~ Happy & Healthy 9Mos.


tryin44 - February 26

CONGRATS!!!!!!maybe i'll see you over on the first trimester side. I got my BFP last week.


rj_80 - February 26

Hye! Thanks for all the good wishes!! Went to the docs this morning and have booked to see the midwife in 8 weeks - according to the pack they gave me I get a scan at 8wks to check the date! How exciting! Can't believe it's all coming true. Dh and I have decided to go up to see our families 2 weeks before easter. My little sister is getting engaged so we don't want to take her chance to star on the Easter weekend at her party. So we thought we'd try to go up on the pretence of helping out and then talk to my sister. So long as she doesn't mind we'll tell our parents and swear them to secrecy as I'll only be 7 weeks. After the engagemetn party they can tell who they like but I don't want to over shadow her party at all. She'll be so excited too! She once made me promise that she could be around when we told my mum because we know she'll go crazy with excitement!!!! I feel so blessed. I am totally addicted to POAS tests! Since yesterday I've used 3 and I've just bought 2 more. I'm so scared it will just disappear! Does that sound mad! Anyway, I'll be b__wing baby dust your way girlies!!! Think I need a lie down - I'm shattered! Better get used to it!!!!****~~~~*****~~~~*****


izechsmama - February 26

wooohooo!! congratulations.. today is my bday and i was hoping that someone would get a BFP today!!! YAY !!!! good for you!!!


nino3 - February 27

hi rj_80. First of all congratulation on your BFP. I also have a question for you, I think i am 6 or 7 dpo today and last night when i wiped there was very light brown on tp. This morning when i wiped again there was brown stcky cm on tp. Is this what happened to you or did you actually bleed, was it blood that you saw on 6dpo? Thanks, been ttc for over a year now and was just wondering. This has happened to me before though, but maybe this time ill be a bit more hopeful.


tryin44 - February 27

nino3, That is what happened to me. No pink just brown on tp on tp at different times of day for about three days. I was about 7-8DPO. Sounds promising.


rj_80 - February 27

6dpo I went to the loo just before bed and I wiped and there was really pink blood - very bright. I read the books once I'd realised what it might be the next day. They said to expect light browny colour which is what I saw in a very very small amounts the next couple of days - not really enough to warrent a pantyliner. I think the first time I noticed it was pink because it was 'new' bleeding. I've been worried that I'd made a mistake with the BFP so yesterday I bought a digital one (so expensive!) and used it this morning - according the the advert on TV it's the most advanced thing you can pee on!!! It said I was defo pg so I'm feeling much calmer today! I called my sister last night and was discussing going home to help with her engagment party preparations and she suddenly mentioned that she'd jumped to the conclusion that I was pg. I was so shocked but denied it all! So this morning me and my DH were feeling guilty and desperate to tell someone so we called her and told her the truth! She burst into tears and is really excited for us - all she kept saying was that she wanted to be an auntie! I've sworn her to secrecy with mum so I can tell her face to face in a few weeks. Feels so much better that someone knows - I know you guys do but it's not the same as your nearest and dearest getting amazingly excited for you! Best of luck to you all - ~~ baby dust~~


rj_80 - February 27

Also the only other significant 'symtom' I noticed was being thirsty all the time. However, now I am so blooming hungry, shattered and feeling those ligaments streching (I think). All feels a bit bizarre but I'm so aware of everything that I often wonder if I just read too much into it... You know what it's like!


Laceyandsamsmamma - February 27

congrats on your BFP dont forget to add it to the February BFP count thread we are up to 14 already!!!


DownbutnotOUT - February 27

Wow that is terrific, congrads!


VenusdiMilo - February 27




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