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Dena - March 16

I just want to share with you all my story. I stopped taking bc jan '04 and it took me 11 months to start ovulating again. I didn't know that i wasn't ovulating. When i started ovulating i thought i was pregnant because my body was going through some weird changes for a few weeks. But at the beginning of Feb '05 my dr ran a test to make sure i was ovulating and i was and a few weeks later i conceived. I took a hpt yesterday. I was due for my af 3/13, i really thought my af was coming, i had all the normal af cramps, but no bleeding. And i dont' have any symtoms yet. This is my second pregnancy and i didn't have any symptoms last time either (besides a late period). I was conjuring up all kinds of symptoms this past year and i they were all in my head because i wanted it so bad. Good luck to all of you. The only advice i can give is to stop trying so hard, if you try too hard you will stress yourselves out and then it won't work.


Kari - March 16

Congratulations dena!!!! Good luck in the pregnancy and I hope you have a wonderful, healthy baby!!!!!! Now, hand over that baby dust! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


ms - March 16

wow Congratulations Dena!!! Good Luck!!!


L - March 16

First, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!! As in HUGE!! Second, I came off BC this past January (05) and have been using OPK since the beginning of March - no positives yet but here's hoping! Anyhow - what were your ovulation symptoms?


tiffani - March 16

Congratulations Dena! Have you got a due date yet?


Dena - March 16

Here were my ovulation symptoms(they are very similar to pregnancy symptoms) I had pinching feelings around my ovaries, I felt extremely tired all the time, I was peeing more often and i was hungrey all the time. My due date is Nov 21st. Baby dust to all!


Carol - March 16

Dena - You and I are due at the same time - I think my due date is actually Thanksgiving day!! It was sort of a surprise to us. We had only been TTC for that month - first try - didn't think it would happen so fast! Anyway, the shock of it is starting to sink in and so are my hormones. That is my biggest symptom - still no nausea or sore b___bs - just tired often. I also have noticed that my vision has changed. I can't see quite as well far away. I heard this was common, but would only last during PG. I guess I need to go and get a new prescription!!


HB - March 16

Dena...A Great BIG Congratulations to you!!! I wish you the best of luck & a beautiful, healthy baby!!! & just like Kari said...Pa__s that dust on over this way!!!


Chelsea - March 16

Congratulations Dena! From what you are saying I am wondering if my symptoms are just related to ovulation and coming off the pill...I stopped the pill Feb 19th and had normal AF Feb 21st. Had that pinching feeling around my right ovary March 1-3rd, BDed March 4th and 6th. Maybe the pinching was just my cyst? Anyhow I've been having all the cla__sic pregnancy symptoms since about March 9th - tickling feeling in my nipples, nipples and b___bs hurt more everyday, and over the past couple days I have been so emotional, breaking out crying at weird times. And I just outgrew a bra after having been the same size for seven years!!! Since this is my first cycle off the pill I don't know when AF is due...I can't imagine that I'm pregnant cuz DH and I are long distance right now and only BDed twice this cycle...if this was PMS you'd think AF would be here by now...maybe I'm just messed up from coming off the pill?


L.I - March 16

Congrats!!!! That's my daughter"s birthday!


baja - March 16

Hi Dena! CONGRATS!!! I noticed your due date is 11/21...mine is 11/22...I just found out this morning!!!! Wishing you a great pregnancy and healthy baby!



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