I Got A Faint Line

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melissa w. - March 9

so i took a test this morning first thing at home... i'm not suppose to start till the 10th or 12th depending on my cycle it 28 or 30 days.... that test was positive with a faint line.... i went to a clinic and they did a urine test it was negitive... then i got blood drawn and it was not responsve is what they told me what ever that means... so what do u think of all of this could i really be pregnant??? i hope so!!! thanks


melissa w. - March 9

someone please ???? i'm totally on edge here... lol


kerilynh - March 9

I would test again in another day or too. Did the line come up in the time frame and have color too it. If not it may have been an evaporation line.


melissa w. - March 9

no it showed up in the time frame of me washing my hands and flushing... it is a faint pink color


melissa w. - March 9

what do u think?


LIN - March 9

Sounds like it may be positive. Doctor's office urine tests are some of the least sensitive, and qualitative blood tests can be misleading. Wait a few more days, and if you're pg you should have a very obvious line. If so, then take it to the doc and show him and ask for a quant_tative blood test. Good luck!


nino3 - March 10

Melissa, the same thing happened to me. I was 12 dpo and tested early in the morning and got a faint pink line. I went to the clinic that same afternoon and the lady said it was negative although there was another line there. She said it came up after hte time frame. I went to get a blood test that same day and it came back positive. If you implnted a bit late then maybe that is why your blood test is inconclusive. Maybe it is just at the limit og being pg. Good luck to you. Did you test today? Keep us updated


BrendaW - March 12

Have you tested again Melissa?


Martha31 - March 12

test again, but I tink that it does not hapen too often that you get a positive (light or not) if you are not pregnant...so GL and keep us posted:)


melissa w. - March 12

yep u were all right i went and got another blood test today and just found out that it's positive!!! i'm so excited... thanks u guys... im sure u will be hearing alot from me...


Daynae79 - March 12

congrats on your BFP Melissa!! have a great 9 months :)


BeccaBaby1 - March 12



Martha31 - March 12

Iwas so sure:) this is great:) Congratulations!!!!! Lost of sticky baby dust!!:)


melissa w. - March 12



DownbutnotOUT - March 13

Congradulations and have a great, happy, and healthy 9 months :)


vix - March 13

go and buy a "first response" pregnancy test, they are brilliant. they are in a pink and white packet. when i found out i was pregnant with my second i wasnt due for about a week and it still showed up!! all the best!!



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