I Got A Positive

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LA - December 6

i got a positive test on dec 4!!! I am so shocked it took me 8 years to get pregnant the first time only a few months this time.....Any way im not sure what my due date is yet my period is so irregular with my cycles varying from 20 to 70 days i wont know for sure until i have an ultrasound on the 18th....I am extremeyly happy but im also scared of another miscarraige. I had one before i got pregnant with my daughter and i am worried it will happen again. Anyway just wanted to share my good news!


kelsajo - December 6



Kimi - December 6



lastchance - December 6

CONGRATS! YAY! I am sure everything will be fine... just don't stress. The baby can feel that....


b__terfly kisses - December 6

Congrats!!!! :o)


lillybug - December 6



LA - December 6

Thanks to everyone!!!!! I hope you all get your positives soon. By the way i got a few different at home pregnancy test just to make sure before i called my doc and the cheap ones turned positive and the expensive ones didnt.... i used the cvs brand and the anwser and they turned positive and the ept certienty digital and first response was neg.....thought i would share that before you waste your money on the expensive ones


lastchance - December 6

Go pee on a Walgreen's Stick for me.. lol... Maybe mine was wrong.... How about DollarTree? Did u use FMU? I was due with AF on Monday and she has no signs that she is even on her way at this point...


LA - December 7

lastchance i used fmu one 2 of them and middle of the day on the others....i didnt use a dollar tree one but i need to go out today so i might pick one up to see if it really works....i will let you know as for the walgreens we dont have one around here or i would just to see what happens....how long have you been trying?


Macy - December 7

Congrats! Oohh, wish it was me! :-) Hope you have a wonderful, happy pregnancy.


lastchance - December 7

I have hardly been trying to be perfectly honest... but I really want one.... last month I thought I was by accident, and that made me really sad when AF came... I keep track of my ovulation and everything obsessively... but the truth is, this month I was NOT expecting to get pregnant, but when my period didn't show this week I went back to all the charts and symptoms and realized that its extremely possible.... .... I still don't have a BFP but I tested the Walgreen's stick at lunch 2 days ago... Today is CD30 in a 25 day cycle! I was due to start Monday, and today my period should be over... but it has not even started yet... It would be something if I was pregnant. I have wanted one for a long time... but I had not found the right man, right time... you know? Its hard wanting one, and not even being able to try...



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