I Got A Positive I Think

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San_dee - March 12

ok another question. Im due for my AF on the 18th, (5 days away) i got too anxious and took a pregnancy test, it was a first response one that you are supposed to take on the day you first missed your period or later, so being 5 earlier naturally it came up negative, about 15 minutes later i checked on it again and it was positive.... its not a shadow line or anything and its definatley noticeable but lighter than the control line...Any Thoughts? or could this be a false positive


Lin - March 12

About 40% of the tests I've taken have developed a line after the test time. They are not to be trusted.


babygurl63801 - March 12

that has happened to me before too, and it was after test time, when the line appeared!! but good luck to u and losts of baby dust!!!


San_dee - March 12

i might just go and buy and early pregnancy test and try it again, cos i only watched it for about three minutes and figured it was going to be negative, so i dont actually know if it appeared before or after the 10 minutes


San_dee - March 12

Well i just bought another 2 test, took one now and within 5 minutes a very faint line appeared, but it is 5.50pm here and i have had about 3 coffees since taking the first test, so ill retest in the morning and let you know... Fingers crossed!!! But i think its a positive yay ....


Lin - March 12

Sounds like you just might have a very clear positive by morning. Good luck!


Amber #2 - March 13

San_dee, have you tested again? I'm anxious to hear your results! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!


San_dee - March 13

Well tested again and it was positive!! so that makes three positives. Im still getting over the shock. Lots and Lots of baby dust to those of you ttc!!!


Lin - March 13



AshleyB - March 13

First Response, is supposed to be able to detect positives up to 5 days before your missed period. Sounds promising. Good Luck.



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