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shelly - November 26

hi all,i got my bfp 2 days ago;i was so certain i wasnt i tested the day af was due and i took 3 tests b4 i believed it,[i still cant believe it]all the timings and the bding and the stress makes u concentrate on that and nothing else so u ladies out there that r in 2ww but think it hasnt happened this time dont be so sure, only symptoms i had and have still got is slight backache,no nausea but very slight queasyness and emotional state of mind,we had been ttc 4 4 months and were lucky that it happened quickly, good luck to u all out there,dont give up if ur feeling down, i know its so soul destroying when af comes,and frustrating,thanks to everyone ive chatted to over the last few months sending tons of babydust x


Grandpa Viv - November 26

Congratulations Shelly! Have a happy 18 years. Touchpoints by T Berry Brazelton is a good book to have on the shelf.


huh huh - November 26

grandpa Viv, that is so funny.You sure are a funny old guy! huh huh...


Carrie - November 26

Congrats Shelly!...I heard that Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy is a good read. I've read the first chapter and I have to admit, just the first chapter had me laughing.


kristina - November 26

shelley...congrats ! were you posting on the turkey day O at all ? well, i'm sooo happy for you. if you did post there, then we can officially say we had one bfp on the thread. i wish all the best in the next 9 months and as grandpa viv said, the next 18 years :-) hee hee. enjoy every moment !


amy - November 26



shelly - November 27

thanks grandpa viv carrie kristina and amy, he next 18 years ha ha,and i will check out both those books,i loved reading these posts when ttc,they were so helpfull ,im from the uk and i havnt found anythinglike this forum,the shame is the time zone difference every1 seems to be from usa and when im posting every1 is in bed and vice versa lol,i hadnt posted on the turkey day o or the baby poops as yet,there are so many postings on on all the sites that it made my head spin ,it was so nice to find a site where every1 is in the same boat and that understands but this month i convinced myself that i wasnt and was so blase about the testing and had told myself it was going to take a good long while,bit scarey in the early days will be glad to progress a little,how are u all getting along,thanks again for all your congrats i was in tears when i read them[happy tears of course]xxx



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