I Got My BFP 10 Times

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Tiff - June 26

I got my BFP!!! Tested ten times no lie.. Because did not belive it finally I got the digital kind I just new it was going to say " not pregnant" BUT IT SAID "PREGNANT" I don't even feel pregnant. The only sign I have is sore br___ts. I thought I was pregant so many times and had all the signs. Now I can honesty sat I am and don't even feel it!!!!


mellissa - June 26

congratulations tiff! i can tell you're excited!!!


Jen - June 26

Congrats! Are you the same Tiff who was having abdominal cramping or was that someone else?


T - June 26

Was af late?


Tiff - June 26

No I am not the same person with the cramps but I can say I may feel a little discomfort but not menstraul cramps. Also I have had some dizziness but I always get that before my period. I basically have all the PMS signs. I have not had period since March( I am irregular and have PCOS) I took a test in April and many in May But all were negative. I don't even know haow far a long I am. I go to the dr tommorrow. Thank you girls, And I wish all of you the best of luck.


kEEKEE - June 26



mer - June 26

let us know how far along you are when you find out - if you don't mind, i'd be interested to know how long it took before your +ve sign showed up - it sounds like you had many -ve tests previously.


kate - June 26

hi tiff---congrats !!!!!!!!!! i am also irregular and suffer from ovatian cysts. i am ttc- you give me so much hope !!!!!!!!!!! how long did it take you to conceive ? best wishes !!!!!!!!


tiff - June 26

Put it this way I have never got pregnant in the past always thought I would never see a positive test. I don't even know how much money I spent in the past only to see a neg result. Never really tried to get pregnant, just always thought it would happen. I am 23 years old been with my husband since I was 16 and never used protection and never once got pregnant. Well I will defintley let yall know how far I am.



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