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lizbeckwith - June 6

YAY!!! Finally!!!!! I just took the test this morning, and it was SOOOO positive. The line was instant and WAY dark. I'm approximately 3 weeks late, and a test 2 weeks ago was negative, but my cycles have been so irregular that it's hard to even know when I ovulated. We had pretty much given up, since we had been trying for a year and had a miscarriage. So I was surprised that it happened. But I'm SOOOO excited. I go in on Wed for my levels and stuff to make sure everything is okay and find out exactly how far along I am. I know I don't really post very actively, but I thought you all would like to know that there's hope for everyone. BABY DUST ALL AROUND!!! Oh, symptoms...really really tired for a couple of weeks, sore bbs (particularly nipples), pain in my left ovary area, a tiny bit of spotting (I'm guessing implantation bleeding...it wasn't even really blood, just a tint in the discharge), and nausea for the last couple of days, which is steadily getting worse.


clare41 - June 6

CONGRATULATIONS that's such good news. that really was great to log on and see. i don't know your story liz so if you are online and still excited to type let me know! (number ttc cycles, first PG?, age, etc) love the stories and this is not the first i heard of someone having a BFN and then BFP later...CONGRATS!


Naomi98 - June 6

Congrats liz, H&H 9 months to you!


pamj - June 6



MelissaP - June 6

Congrats! I see everyone is getting bfp's...I leave for a few days and this is what I come back to....awesome! =)


austynsmommy - June 6

Congrats have a happy and healthy nine months.


Wish10 - June 6



Krissy68 - June 6

Congrats to you and I am so happy for you. Krissy68


keerthy - June 7

congrats dear!!!! will be Jan mommies!!!


shomaswamy - June 10

Congratulation and baby dust to u


Pri - June 10



dannygirl4you - June 10

Congrats liz and wish you all the best in your 9 mths



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