I Got My BFP Here Are My Symptoms

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Karen - October 17

I got my BFP on Friday and these are my symptoms. Prior to when my a/f was usually due, i started cramping which is very unusual for me - I usually get cramp and that it my que to go the toilet and af is usually there, but it never showed up. I was also very wet down there (tmi i know) but it was more like water than anything else. I didn't really have sore br___ts. I got my BFP on the day af should have been due. If you want me to ask any questions, i would be pleased to answer whatever I can.


Monika - October 17

Congratulations Karen!!! I wish you a happy 9 month pregnancy. ---------I am TTCing but I am very irregular so I don;t know for sure. Since three weeks ago, I have been experiencing this symptoms: Peing a lot especially in the during the night time, cramps in my lowed abdomen; back pain all the time especially when I lay on bed and when i wake up; I have been feeling very sleepy and tired but I also have a flu! I boat a soap that I liked the smell before and know i hate that smell, it happened one evening that after I wash my hands I coudn't eat because i smelled soap so i had to wash my hands with different soap in order to eat properly because it made me sick to my stomach. I still don't like the smell. What do you thing Karen, are these encouraging signs? I also have like leg cramp but still I thing that it is from the flu that I have.


Mel - October 17

Congratulations Karen!!!! Did you feel anything different in the area of your uterus? Like little pains or twinges?? I have been experiencing this for a few days now, I am 9dpo, I am trying not to get my hopes up too much. Congrats once again - I'm very envious!!


aish - October 17

hi karen,congrats,felt so happy to hear good news,,, Karen do u started cramps soon after ovulation or just before ur AF date? As i had cramps during my 6 dpo & now i am 12 dpo i have very light cramps.and soore b___bs still there. Again do keep us posted,happy days to u & all


CJ - October 17

Congrats!!!!!!That is wonderful news!You must be so excited.I wish you a healthy & happy 9 months.Have u picked out names?


Karen - October 19

To Monika, thanks for your well wishes and i hope everything turns out ok for you too. I have read your symptoms and they do sound promising. I am just starting to notice the difference in my sense of sense and how some things are making me very nauseous. I have been to the doctors who have confirmed that i am 5 weeks pregnant tomorrow but now i'm petrified of miscarriage as i have heard that 1 in 6 pregnancies end in miscariage. Good luck to you and i send lots and lots of baby dust to you.


Karen - October 19

To Mel, thanks for your congratulations. I started getting period pains/cramps a few days before my a/f was due which was the most positive symptom that i saw because that never happens. I was also not trying to get my hopes up too much aswell but sure enough it was a BFP. Mel i know its really hard to imagine, but it WILL happen. I have been trying since June 2005 and I got my BFP in October 2005 so good luck and have fun trying. Baby dust to you x


Karen - October 19

To Aish, thanks again for the congratulations - I did actually get abdominal pain when i ovulated the month i got my BFP. It was around the time I ovulated though and only lasted for a couple of days and then subsided and then i had period pain cramps for a couple of days before my af which was a big giveaway for me. Good luck to you and i send you lots of baby dust x


Karen - October 19

To CJ - thanks very much for your congratulations although I must say that i don't feel pregnant at the moment and i'm so scared I will miscarry as the miscarriage rate is so high. I haven't thought of any names yet as I don't really want to tempt fete, if you know what i mean. Baby dust to you x



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