I Got My Period But

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Amanda - November 18

i have gotten my period last month, but it was only for a few days. I haven't gotten my period this month yet but i don't expect it till the end of the month. I've also had symptoms of being pregnant. Can i get my period one month or two and still be pregnant?


A.V. - November 18

Not necessarily, your HCG level may not be stong enough to cause your body to not skip a period, take a look at the other postings and you will see a lot of other women had there period and have been pregnant a friend of mine had her period for 5 months and she was pregnant. Was your period like you usually get them or what is a bit lighter or earlier?


mummy of two? - November 18

Amanda you can still get your period while you are pregnant. Like AV said there are heaps of postings about it, so check it out. As for Ciara, maybe you should read them too, I don't know where you got your information from but you have been misinformed. I am currently trying for baby number two and two days before my period was due I had brown spotting, only when wiped. I then had pink smears of blood for a further 3 days only very light and mainly just when wiped. I know it is possible to be pregnant because I have had alot of the symptoms, so I'm just waiting to see. Hoping my HCG levels are just too low to recognise a positive result. Good luck Amanda.


Amanda - November 22

Thanks for the help guys, i should be getting my period next week, and if i'm late i'll let you know what happens. Thanks a lot.


Peaches - November 23

Well I am five days late and just got some pink when I wipe1! I don't know if its my period as it wasn't very dark!!! Like usual!! What is it? could i still be pregnant?


amanda - November 24

peaches, you could still be pregnant look into the symptoms and if you have some of the symptoms it won't hurt for you to take a pregnancy test. Hope that helps you out a lot. The best of luck.



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