I Got My Period But Am Still Showing Symptoms Of Pregnancy

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Jewelz - March 3

so i had terrible pms symptoms almost 2 weeks before i finally got my period. my pms symptoms always go away after my period starts, but not this time. i have lower back aches, a feeling of fullness in my uterus, very fatigued(took two naps today), cramping down there, and my legs are really achy. i am still on my period but its almost over. what is this? could i possibly be pregnant or what. i've heard of women having a period while in early stages, but i dunno if thats actually true. anybody experienced this before or am i just crazy!?


Grandpa Viv - March 3

One in four pregnancies has some kind of bleed at period time in the first trimester. It sounds like what is pa__sing for a period actually came a week late, and those PMS signs came a week early. That would compute for possible pregnancy. Take and test and find out! Dollar Store will work as well as any. Good luck!


Jewelz - March 4

thanks for your reply. i needed to hear from someone else what they think, b/c this is making feel crazy. my period ended and after that i had this brown discharge, is that just old blood or implantation bleeding? i am going to take another hpt, although i had taken two of them already when these symptoms started. i know that it was probably to early to tell though. i really do no want to get my hopes up again!! :(


jgerd1 - March 4

So did you have bright red bleeding then or just brown discharge? If you had bright red blood chances are that it was your period. I usually get b___st tenderness, bloating, backache, headache, cramps, and fatigue before and during my period. Have you had negative HPT's or takin any at all? Curious to see how this turns out for you, but I bet its the dreaded AF. Sorry to be a debbie downer.


Jewelz - March 4

yeah, i know its unlikely that i am pregnant, but i am already off my period and still having symptoms!! i have lost almost my entire appet_te and i am sooooo emotinal!! i will cry and get aggravated over the smallest things. my nipples are still a little sore and erect. i have taken two hpt's but that was like 2 weeks before my period actually came. they were neg. but figured maybe it was just too soon. i had red blood but now it is just that brown stuff. i dunno, i am just gonna get another test. i don't want to keep griping about all this when there is a simple solution, just go pee on a stick and find out, ya know? what does this sound like to you?


trying12 - July 21

im really confused and dont kno what to do me and my husband have been tryin since feb and this time i had been having preg syms for a week and half thwoin up in my throat but never fully coming up, gas, bloating, my b___sts are filling and sometimes tender my lower back feels like its breaking in half ive been getting bad headaches no period symptoms but i was posed to start the 19th this month and only spotted light pink the 19th and 20th and then this mornin on the 21st i got my period but still having the same preg syms ive never been pregnant and dont know wat to do whether i need to see a doc monday or wait til my period is over and take a test


Grandpa Viv - July 22

Trying, my suggestion is save your money and take a test when the bleed is done, using first morning pee, especially if the signs continue. Call the doc if you get to a second period (Aug 16) still with signs and no positive test. GL!


babygirl215 - December 1

Soooo this month AF arrived 3 days earlier and only lasted 2 days. The flow was medium then just spotting on the third day, not normal for me to come on early and this little. Tested BPN this morning but then again I read that it can take up to a week for the hormone to build up. What do you think? 


Grandpa Viv - December 3

You are not telling of any other early signs of pregnancy. It's true that some women do not get a positive test until two weeks after their period was due. The hormone is supposed to double every few days.


Mward5 - December 17

Here's my situation, in 2010 I had a tubal ligation. I was under the impression that it was cut and burnt. My boyfriend and I have had unprotected sex and about two and half to three weeks ago i began to have pregnancy symptoms with lower abdomen pain, nauseous in the mornings when I wake up and off and on in the evenings. The pain was so bad that I went to the urgent care. They said I had blood in my urine but after the culture came back I wasn't a UTI. I had an ultrasound done and the pictures of my   uterus look like early pregnancy pictures. Which the tech told me that's what it looks like. I compared the size of my uterus from 2014 where I was not pregnant and it's larger. I also checked and read my surgical notes from my tubal ligation and come finding out it was not burnt at the ends, but just cut and tied. I have had six pregnancies, five liable births and one non (still birth). Last night I started bleeding which if it was/is my period it's 9 days early. I'm still experiencing the lower abdomen pain, nausea, frequently needing to go pee, fatigue, and my stomach has extended out, just has it has done with all of my pregnancies. I've had my bladder, kidneys and liver checked via ultrasound and all is normal. I'm extremely worried and confused I don't know what to think or do. Please help me with some answers.


Grandpa Viv - December 17

So your hormones are messed up and giving you signs. If it is not pregnancy it might be an ovarian cyst. A home pregnancy test should pretty much eliminate that possibility. Good luck!


Mward5 - December 17

During the ultrasound my ovaries was checked and it's fine no cysts and my hormone levels too and I'm not menopausal. Should I wait until the bleeding stops or does it not matter. Also what about the blood in my urine would that cause false results? 

Thank you very much for your help.


Grandpa Viv - December 20

The blood in urine should not cause false negatives. Long term unexplained bleeding is always a concern and the cause should be pursued until resolution.

I'm trying to figure out dates. It looks like your next period is due Dec 26th and your signs started Dec 1st during or immediately after a Nov 28th period. That would be too soon for a pregnancy starting this month - you would not ovulate until about Dec 12th. Could some glandular issue be the cause of your signs?


Mward5 - December 22

I don't know if I could be having glandular issues, but now my breasts are now sore and tender and my sense of smell is   sensitive more than before and I've been bleeding now for 8 days, but currently it's light with a thick discharge. And the nausea isn't every day, it comes and goes. 


Mward5 - December 27

Now I'm REALLY lost.... NOW breasts are sore, I'm STILL getting those lower pelvic pains and my stomach has extended so much that it round and I really look pregnant and my lower back is hurting AND I'm emotional... and the soonest that my doctor can see me is in the 12th of Jan. Am I really pregnant?!?!?!?


Grandpa Viv - December 27

I think another home pregnancy test is in order. The hCG hormone is supposed to double every few days so a negative a week ago could be a positive today. Use first moring pee. Do please come back and tell us the outcome.


Dee2017 - January 13

Hey some people can still take a period while being pregnant, my mum did with me also so did some of my other family members, mabie tell your dr about it and get them to keep a close eye hope all is well xx



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