I Got My Period But Am Still Showing Symptoms Of Pregnancy

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Dee2017 - January 13

Hey some people can still take a period while being pregnant, my mum did with me also so did some of my other family members, mabie tell your dr about it and get them to keep a close eye hope all is well xx


Luna1995 - January 23

I am 21 years old I have a son who is 4yrs old soon to be 5 and a recent miscarriage in July, at 7 weeks. My husband and I have been trying recently. Well I got my period on December 28 which was the first day and it lasted 6 days wich is normal for me. I started to have brown discharge on Jan 16 which was weird and it lasted 2 days after that my period came in but it wasn't like my normal periods it was 


Luna1995 - January 23

Very light my period is usually really heavy but this one also lasted 6 days. I have nausea bloating breast are tender oh and did I mention it was 12 days early. 


Grandpa Viv - January 27

Luna, this is not a normal time line for a normal cycle or a pregnancy cycle.  Maybe you have experienced unusually heavy implantation spotting. You are going to have to run a pregnancy test when your period was originally due. Is that about now?


Ana199107 - March 24

Same exact thing happened to me! Pregnancy test is negative though. 


Gloria14 - April 10

Hello Everyone, I'm 23. My husband and I are trying to have a baby (First Child). My period usually come regular for 4 or 5 Days since I start got my period. Started with Light and become heavy and end light again. However Last 3 months, I had peroid with light on and off for 2 or 3 days. I got shocked and ask myself is it normal?. My mom in law told me when you about to concieve a baby, You period become few days shorter.This month My period supposed to come on 20/3 instead come on 27/3. I thought my period late so I can be pregnant so I was so happy.  So I tested Home Pregnant Test and show negative. Eventhough I tested lots of time, it show negative , I also feel lower abdominal pain cramping 2 week before my period due. I also got all other pregnancy symptoms such Nausea, fatigue ,cramps, lower back pain (sometime), Hungry all the time but crave for sudden foods such as sour foods. I also want to vomit after I eat. Can I be pregnant? 


Mommyj123 - April 14

I am in the same boat. I had a tubal ligation in 2015 after having my youngest son was born via emergency cesarean due to placenta previa (basically its a placental abnormality that can ultimately cause you to bleed to death and you as well as your baby could die). So needless to say I didn't want to risk going through a potential dangerous pregnancy and delivery again so DH and I decided on the tubal.

However, a year after my tubal, I was admitted to the ER after experiencing very sharp pains going down my leg on my right side (from my pelvis to the bottom of my foot). I thought maybe I had an eptopic pregnancy but the ER doctor determined it was the beginning of my cycle. But that was actually the beginning of my frustration. 

Over the next two weeks I had symptoms ranging from blurred vision, fainting spells, contraction like abdominal cramping. Extreme fatigue. I felt like I was dying. I was walking around and going to work as if I was in my nineties. It was awful. All while having allot of pregnancy symptoms.

I kept taking pregnancy tests, since I already have Three children I carried and delivered I know what it feels like.

This had been going on since November of 2016. I have, since November, had shorter and lighter monthly bleeding (starting and stopping only laying a few days), my breasts are very large and painful at times (I had to buy a new bra to accommodate the rapid growth change). I started to feel movement in my lower abdomin, every pregnancy symptom you can name I have, and to top it off I look visibly pregnant (about 5 months)! to the point where my employer had noticed and keeps encouraging me I continue to seek medical advise because they think I'm pregnant.

However i have done that since November. I have been to the ER more than 6 times over the past few months. I have changed my PCP already, have had countless in office appointments, have had over a dozen at home negative urine tests, 2 negative blood pregnancy tests, 2 negative ultrasounds ( one done in November and one done about a month ago). Meanwhile my belly is growing, I'm gaining weight. I'm walking, and eating like a pregnant woman. I have to come home to DH and three beautiful active boys and work a full time job dealing with sharp abdominal pain, strong back pain, food aversions and appetite loss, every possible pregnancy symptom you can think of, all the while going back and forth to the doctors who can tell me with absolute certainty that I'm NOT pregnant but can't tell me for sure why my belly keeps growing and why I am having Evey pregnancy symptom in the book.

I've gone as far as looking up info on  Phantom pregnancies where women want to be pregnant so their body changes to accommodate their belief but there's actually no baby growing. However, I am not fanaticizing about having another baby. I almost died having the last one and if anything I was more concerned about why my body was changing and the doctors are so casually telling me that all of my tests are coming back normal and theres " nothing " wrong with me.

I've had string abdominal movement for the past two weeks and also cramping as I walk and it's getting harder to sit and move around. Please bare in mind that all three of my previous pregnancies I was NEVER able to work a job past the first trimester and always had to quit due to my difficulty carrying my babies and needing to be monitored. So now, in this moment, I feel the same way. The difficulty going to work and functioning properly due to my body telling me to sit and rest but I can't because this has been going on for months unconfirmed.

I "know" that I am pendant and that it's Not in my head. I don't need validation, I need help. But unfortunately, the doctors won't help unless you have a positive pregnancy test result, unfortunately.

I've had one ER nurse look at my growing belly and day "wow, does it always look like this?" And I had my new PCP look at my belly and ask if I always had an outtie belly button and I said "no, it only happens when I'm pregnant". He didn't respond. I mean c'mon, I when have the pregnancy line that goes down my stomach!

I've bought some prenatal vitamins to take everyday on my own. Im back to the drawing board to find a new PCP. I can't go on everyday feeling like this and what's worse I can't enjoy the journey either. I've read SO many stories of women who have suffered through this same kind of thing and in trying not to get depressed. My only recourse is my faith in Jesus and knowing that I take comfort in my relationship with Him.

Thanks for reading. If your going through doubts about your situation, PLEASE listen to your body and get a forth opinion if need be. Im possible on my tenth so never give up!


Arya - September 9

Hello, my boyfriend and I had protected sex towards the end of July but a week or so after I woke up and saw brownish discharge on my panties and my period for August came 5 days early which is strange and my usual pms is sore breasts but I had fatigue, dizziness, nausea, backache and headaches with this one  which all started a day after my period started and in the last day and the day after that I had mild cramps. Well since then up until now I have been feeling very different, headache, strange taste in the mouth, heartburn, constipation, more fatigue and even gag when I brush my teeth which I don't normally do. I'm so confused right now because I took a home test two days after my period and it was negative. What is wrong with me? 


Grandpa Viv - September 9

Arya, that test might have been too early. Try again!


Arya - September 10

Thanks, but when exactly should I test because according to the app I use I'm supposed to have my next period on the 18th of this month. 


[email protected] - September 10

Hello, new to this site and I don't know how to make my own forum! Just have a question I really would like some help answering. I am currently 10 days late for my period, which never happens as I have a 28 day cycle. The last time I had sex was July 31st, on August 4th I had a 4 day period. Seeing as I haven't had sex since July, is there anyway I might be pregnant?


Grandpa Viv - September 11

If the Aug 4th period was on schedule you would have needed to have sex July 20th for there to be a chance of pregnancy.  You have no other early pregnancy signs to report so it seems you are skipping. Run a home test to convince yourself. 


[email protected] - September 11

Thanks for the reply. I am very regular so I can't see why I would be skipping a period. My partner and I have intercourse regularly so it is possible I had sex on that day. My main question is, is it possible to have a slight 4 day period and still be pregnant from the month before?


Afandi - September 14

It is not possible to have your regular menstrual cycles when you are pregnant. As such, I think what your mother told you is not true. There is no way you can have your menstrual cycle when you are pregnant. What happens is that some women will experience vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. These are irregular bleeding which will look like regular bleeding, but the truth of the matter is that they are not periods. Periods refers to blood that is shed after you fail to become pregnant. Every month, a woman’s uterus grows a thick blood rich lining that prepares to welcome the egg so that it can get embedded and allow the embryo to grow into a baby. If the egg embeds itself on the lining successfully, the hormones tell the body to hold on this blood rich tissue that is meant to support the growing baby. So it will not be shed off until your next pregnancy. So the droplets that are seen are a result of the embryo getting embedded in the lining. They may just be a few droplets, and so they are not periods.



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