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patty - October 26

my af showed up 1 week late (so ofcourse i got my hopes up) now 2 weeks later i am bleeding again! has this ever happened to anyone? what could it be ?i am ttc for 6 months. my cycles are irregular -but they are not very long. they range from anywhere from 21 to 30 days. i guess you can see why when af was late 1 week (because it was a 36 day cycle-which never happens to me) i got my hopes up-!!! now i am crying my eyes out becausee it has been only 2 weeks since my last af and af is back ! someone help me !


DJ - October 26

Patty some people experience midcycle bleeding - you may want to speak to your doctor if it becomes frequet. it could be nothing, it could be a cyst on your ovary. I would just watch , see how long the bleeding last. This did happen to me but I had a miscarriage a month before so not the same thing. You may just have to much hormone in your system as well.


patty - October 26

thanks dj--well this is my second day of bleeding it seems like it will stop soon- implantation bleeding i exclude. but i wonder if it is a cyst-why would i bled mid-cycle?


Jen - October 26

HEY!!!! I had that when I got pregnant with my son!!! I had my period and then about a week and a half later I had what I thought was my period-See, many women believe that implantation occurs at the time of a period. And it can, BUT- It can happen before to. My doc said it was implantation bleeding-I got a positive test about 2weeks later!!! The first day-I wore a tampon, and I noticed that it was kind of brown looking-but I have brown periods from time to time so I thought for sure that I wasn't. But by day three it turned to yellow mucous and pink ting in it and I thought that was wierd. I tested around the time that I SHOULD have gotten my period and It was +++++. If the bleeding is not normal-I would stay hopeful-have you O'd this month?? Maybe early!!


Jen - October 26

Also, I had this about 3 days post O so you could see that some may consider it an ealry period-but it very well could be IB.


patty - October 27

jenn-thanks for your reply. it doesnt seem like a normal af only because it is alot light-today is day number 3 (but i think also the last )it has been light-brown-pink and red at times. very mucosy with blood.but not clotty. i feel that i did ovulate early because as soon as i finished af i felt wet again with a few globs of mucos that was jellyish.so who knews ?jeen- what exactly was your bleeding like ? i am sorry to be annoying-but i am a worry wart. i can deal with not getting pregnant at this moment (even though i want to be) it seems to worry me more that this bleeding is leading up to bad conclusions such a cysts..etc...and god knews what else ! please --anyone else that has any info please share!


kate - October 27

i heard of some people that have 14 -17 day cycles--but is that normal ? can you actually get pregnant from such a short cycle ?


................. - October 27




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