I Had My Tubes Tied And Still Got Pregnant

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Teababy - December 8

I had my tubes tied 6 years ago and became pregnant last year. I had a normal period every month. I couldn't keep the baby because it was in my tube. A year late , now i'm feeling sick , morning sickness,eating alot and have not missed my period again. I've took 2 pregnacie test and they were negative. I feel like i might be pregnate again. Can it be possible again with a negative pregnancy test and a regular period ?


bump - December 10



Christine - December 10

The chances of getting pregnant after getting your tubes tied are supposed to be low...but I hear it a lot...thats why I am choosing against getting it done...actually after tubal litigation if you do get pregnant the chances of tubal pregnancy are very high...with tubals a lot of times you wont get a + on a hpt....and you can still get your period...you know how dangerous this is since you have been there before(sorry to hear about that) my advice...get checked as soon as possible....Just to inform you...my nephew was born after his mother had a tubal...he's beautiful


Anne - December 10

Christine would it show up on a blood test the one were they mesure the hcg in your blood!


A.V. - December 10

My Husbands aunt had 2 kids after her tubal 2 years apart


Anne - December 10

wow i keep wondering if i am or not!! but my test were both negative!


Christine - December 10

I'm not sure...but that is different for everyone...some woman just dont show on + on hpt's or blood tests...though it is rare not for it to show on a blood test...If you stay concerned, ask for a sonogram...tell them your having pain in your abdomen...it can turn out good like I said..I have a beautiful nephew who is now 3...but since you already had a tubal your chances of another are even greater...good luck


Anne - December 10

i have an ultrasound on the 23 of December so we will see what is show's but i won't get my results until the 6 of January!


bump my question - December 10



bump bump - December 11



bump question - December 11



help - December 12

anybody know's anything about this!


anybody! - December 12




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