I Hate People VENT

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Preggo - April 27

I hate so called friends and family that are supposed to be encouraging to you when your trying to get pregnant but say things like its in your head and stuff just to be to be condescending because secretly they don't want to see you happy because of their own miserable states in life. Its hurtful and sad that ,aside from Hubby and DD , that happens to be the only type of people in my life.... PS. Hi all ... I haven't been on in almost 2yrs ...ttc baby #2, have had 2 miscarriages and one successful pregnancy in last 5years.... Sorry if I sound mean... I'll really not though .. :-) just flabbergasted


annmarie - April 27

Wow! I'd say you've had a very upsetting event recently! I think we all understand the pain of friends and family not having a clue what we're going through. I know I've heard comments like "You're thinking about it too much" and "Just relax" way more than I care too. It just makes me angry each time I hear it. But yes, it is very painful when your loved ones act like you're crazy and don't provide the support you want them to. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. But that's why we have this forum. I love the girls that I've met on here and have developed a very close bond with them. Good luck and I hope everything works out for you.


Preggo - April 27

annmarie... ty so much for responding to me. It makes me feel so much better and not so alone. I come on the forum and read quite a bit. But sometimes it feels like to much of an emotional ride every month ,so much so,that I don't come on the site and post maybe as much as my heart would want. I guess some people don't deal with the stress and let down over and over again as well as others can even though I know its equally painful for us all. When individuals like yourself reply back to me it really makes my day and fills me with encouragement ... ty again :-)


krissy2006 - April 27

Preggo! My heart went out to you reading your first post. There is nothing more disheartening than being super excited about ttc or super hurt from AF showing AGAIN, or that super deep helpless ache of a miscarriage and have your family just look at you and raise and eyebrow, pat you on the back like thats gonna make it all better and tell you to move on. I cannot stand people who say, 'relax' or 'it will happen if you just . . . .' or 'stop thinking about it so much'... while ideally any woman who is obsessing would LIKE to stop and return to normal life and just one day have that beautiful surprise and POOF be pregnant, that isn't how it works and so many people just don't understand that. TTC is a difficult, emotional and physical roller coaster and you need all the support you can get. Now we can't tell your friends and family to shape up or ship out but know there are soooo many ladies right here on this forum going through the EXACT same things as you who can give you good advice because they have been there, or just be a 'listening ear.... or in this case a 'reading eye?' lol... sometimes it feels better to just unload and know that other people can see what you've said and can sympathize and relate. GL to you girl and I am sooo sorry about the 2 miscarriages. There is nothing worse. Been there, done that and I wouldn't wish it on ANYONE. Feel free to continue venting or to just chit chat. :)


Treybugs Momma - April 29

Hey preggo!! You are on the thread i posted about waiting too see if you are BFP!! I agree with you entirely!!! It hurts when people say that c___p but I think alot of them are honestly trying to offer heartfelt advice but they are just idiots and dont what it is like TTC. My best friend just had her baby 5 days ago YEAH!! but since then she has been AWOL. We usually talk on the phone alot. We have known each other for 14 years. I am 27 BTW. But when she does call its all about her. And it should be that way but it still p__ses me off. I was with her through her whole TTC and there every step of the way and now that I am the one needing encouragement she is nowhere to be seen. So I am very happy to have found this site and it has helped me tons! It had made me lose alot of sleep googling until 3 in the morning but I have gotten way more postive than neg from it!! I think we are both testing on Fri morning!! I will keep you posted!! If we get BFNs though I say we go out, get drunk and then get on here with a hangover the next morning to start obsessing again! HEHE


Preggo - April 29

Im game TreyBugs... I make a meaaannn margarita ..lol..and its legal, I'm a tender 32 . lol You must be daeling with a lot of emotions right now in your life with your BF having her little one. Its gotta be hard no doubt. I SOOO HOPE THIS IS YOUR MONTH ... YOU DESERVE IT SO MUCH. I still testing with you ... I'm feeling da vibes.... My mother-in-law will role the bones for us if I ask ....lol


Treybugs Momma - April 29

Roll the bones Preggo!! LMAO Whatever it takes!! Within reason of course!! I have already convinced myself if it doesnt happen this month maybe I will get to have a Valentines Day baby!! XOXO


Treybugs Momma - April 30

Preggo how ya feeling today?? And btw I am legal too so bring on the tequila. LOL 27 years and I am going to stop counting once I reach 40 so I only have 13 more birthdays left!!!


Preggo - April 30

Isn't it the truth about birthdays. I actually hate getting them now. I'm grateful only for all the other days of the year,lol. I go from feeling great to not feeling as well. like earlier my DH took the day off and we went to the zoo with dd and it was great. But now I feel ucky ,woozy and tired. I got a runny nose too. I figure maybe its allergies. I feel like my heart if pounding out of my chest and weak feeling though. Why don't I just go ahead and say I feel like sh*t and get it over with and save us all time reading,lol.



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