I Have A Confession

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CB - December 8

OK...for the ones who have seen my posts you know I was almost 4 days late this month and I basically was freaking out...well ofcourse I got AF. Well, I have to confess that I actually have my tubes tied. The reason I didn't tell anyone right away is because I posted about it before and noone seemed to answer or comment or anything I had to say...I tend to get alittle paranoid...lol So anyway...I do have them tied but have a pre-op appt. next week for a procedure where they go in and check the tubes out to see if they can be reversed. The appt. for that is the following Tues. the 20th; then after that IF they can do it the're going to schedule the reversal surgery. I'm soooooooo excited. My boyfriend/bestfriend/greatest man in the world want a baby of our own so bad (I have 2 children from a previous marriage). Hopefully if everything works out in our favor I can join the "Baby POOPS" soon! Thanks for reading and hopefully understanding...Good Luck and ***baby dust*** BTW I hope you all don't mind if I still post and stick around, I love to see all the BFPs and how everyone is doing. :O)


who - December 8



$%#@! - December 8

Whom ever is so inclined as to be rude!! GET LOST!! What are you 5?


staci - December 8

cb, you had every right to think maybe you were, tubes can sometimes come untied by themselves depending on what procedure you had done(how they were tied)...good luck with your procedure and hopefully soon we will see your post saying you got a bfp!


CB - December 8

Thankyou girls...I'll definitly be keeping you all posted....I'm so excited! I hope to be pregnant by atleast Feb. If everything works out OK then I'll be having a wonderful New Years..No drinking ofcourse. :O)


Dionne - December 9

Hi CB, I hope all goes well with getting tubes reversed. Look forward to hearing how everything goes. :-))


Rose - December 9

It's all good, good luck with your appointment. Sending Baby dust your way & hope to see your BFP come Feb! ;)



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