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sha - October 18

I was on the teen pregnancy forum but some people told me not to ask for advice from a bunch of teenagers so i came here. can someone who is an adult help me. i am 14 and pregnant. i haven't been to the doctor yet and i was wondering if it was required for me to go to the doctor before i went into labor? my mami doesn't know that i am pregnant yet so if i did go to the doctor is their a way i could go without her finding out about it. Also can you tell me what they do at the doctor that is so important and can it be done at home by me.


bbt - October 18

are you sure you want to have the child


jaime - October 18

About how far along are you? How are you going to keep it from your mom? Are you going to keep the baby or give it up to adoption?


kira - October 18

talk to your guidence counsellor or a friends parents. someone that will help you. They will know where you can get help without your parents finding out right away. But you NEED to see a doctor, if there are problems with you being pregnant, you wouldnt know that. So find someone who can help you. Then figure out how to tell your mom. She will understand. Even if you dont think she will.


Gemma - October 20

You need to speak to a doctor really to firstly discuss if you want to keep the baby or not. If you don't then you will have to have an abortion quite soon and to have that the doctor need s to know. If you are going to keep the baby then realistically you need to tell an adult as it is a lot to go through on your own and if anything were to go wrong you could be putting yourself and the baby at risk. The doctor at checkups will listen to the heartbeat and measure your tummy to make sure everything is going ok. GOOD LUCK


Concerned - October 20

honey, it is very imp u go to the dr. The dr can tell u if ther5e is a problem and can likely fix it before its too late. You have to consider the risk of ur health as well. Having a baby isn't as simple as it looks, u can get blood poisoning diabetes (gestational- during preg) that needs to be kept under control. I know u r young, but u need to tell ur mom, everyone makes mistakes... u r not the first and won't be the last. If you r scared to tell her, have a friend go with u when u tell her. I am going to stress this to u.... GO TO THE DR. If u have a local health department, go there, tell them what is going on and they will help you. One more thing u need to know.... by not going to the dr, if something happens to the baby... authorities r going to fault u, u will be in trouble, possibly go to jail. Also, u run the risk of family and children services taking the baby away from you. Over come ur fears and take care of urself and by doing that u will be taking care of ur baby. When u go to the dr they will take blood and run tests to make sure u and the baby r ok. U can also be rh neg. That's a blood factor, if the daddy is rh pos( which is more common) then u will need medication during and after u have the baby 2 shots. If u don't get them, and u r rh neg, and the baby is pos and the baby's blood mixes with urs the ur blood will form an army against the pos and u will not be able to have children, because ur body will treat ur next baby like its a flu or cold which will end in mc every time, that wehter u carry to term or not. Do what is right tell ur mom and then go to the dr.



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