I Have All The Signs But Negative Results Help Me

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CuriousOne - January 29

Hi everyone.. I am going through some wierd things... 1st of all the last time I had a "normal" period was the 5th of Nov.. Since then I have been spotting around the times I were expecting my period... I have taken 3 hpts and 1 blood test - all negative... at first I was content with those results because I had the spotting and light periods and I have felt some slight menustral cramps... I am a small framed female.. since Im small I like to keep my figure.. and besides me being tired all the time, my br___t being so sore/itchy, my mouth constantly watering, and la lost of an appet_te... my waist has been looking wider and my stomach area has become a little rounded... sometimes I feel something in my stomach - but I think its gas most of the time.... the only thing that is straying me from thinking Im pregnant is the fact that I have not experienced any morning sickness and I had that light period... I do get a lil' light headed and feel as though I need to vomit, but I never actually vomit.. I honestly dont know whats going on... Has anyone gone thru this or know anyone that has gone thru this? I really need to know..


To Curious One - January 29

Maybe the fact that deep down you are concerned about if you are pregnant or not is making your body have those symptoms.


Ashley Ann - January 29

I Have just about the same problem my last Normal period was Nov 19-23ish... The last time I had s_x was Dec 5th....But I have had every symptoms- EVERY!!! But I have had a heavy one day then light the other days period Dec 13th for about 3days...Then spotted for 3 and 1/2 days (didnt even fill one pad the whole time) five days before i was suppose to get my period Jan5th supposed to...Then Jan 20th spotty bleed then Jan21st heavy for like 3days and Bad cramps and then spotted a day....I would normally just think that all of that was just periods but all the symptoms is too much...Some times i think i just image it but then i noticed blue veins on my b___bs and the sides of my stomach and today I woke up with my ankles swollen with blue veins on them - all of which was never there! I have tested with 5 hpts all negative! i'm nauseas, ga__sy, sick, diarreah, bigger chest, mood swings, cry easily, Peeing Alot, veins, cant fall asleep but when i do i can sleep for days and still be tired, hungry every hour even after just eating a big meal, little white bumps on my nipples, I've had every symptom- I dont think i can jus image some, but some days i look pregnant some i dont! With my first pregnancy I didnt have hardly any symptoms - except just a heavy period, bigger chest and diarreah which kept me loosing weight before i gained..With the neg. hpts and bleeding it keeps me from calling my doctor, but why else would i have these symptoms- exspecially these veins they are what makes me really think i am! Any Help? Sorry for the long one!!!


Cutie - January 29

Same thing, very confusing and frustrated... Womans bodies are so different :(


Mimi - January 29

it could have been my post ur reading ! We're all going thru the same thing but we don't know really , do we ? Argh...frustrating ! Good luck to u all!


althea - January 29

i am going through the same thing too my last period was on dec. 8th, took 3 test but they were neg. the syptoms ihave are mood swing heavy b___st my tummy looks fatter i am peeing more frequebtly............did i mention sleepy oh i am ever sleepy and hunger


miranda - January 29

i have had those same exact symptoms but all my tests come up negative too! i've been reading some of the forums ad i seethat a lot of times people get negative results but they really are pregnant...maybe we need to try a more sensitive test like the ones you can buy on the internet, with the highest sensitivity, because if the hcg levels in our blood arent high enough the pregnancy wont be detected...even if we are. the levels vary in different women...sometimes they wont detect until three months later! 20mui is the most sensitive test from what i hear...maybe even consider to schedule an appiontment for an ultrasoung if all fails. i know i am going to...because if i am i haveto discontinue my pill so i dont harm my baby! good luck if you are ttc.



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