I Have Every Symptom But A Missed Period

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alisa - December 29

im neasuous, tired, gaining weight, constipated, and have teh sore br___ts. i took a home test, came neg. but i am bleeding right now. and the past two periods have been lighter and shorter then ive ever had. the weight ive gained is in the hip area, i cant even get some of my pants to even button! and the ones i needed belts for, i cant buckle the belt! if im not pregnant... id like to know whats going on..


Toy - December 30

I think I am going through the same thing. My last real period was nov 8th. My period came on dec 8th but it wasnt even heavy enough for a pad or tampon! Since then I took like 10 tests and they all were neg. I am gaining all this weight only in my tummy, I have a bad taste in my mouth all the time, I go to the b-room like every hour on the hour and I am sleepy all day long even with a full night's rest. I can't wear any of my clothes. I'm not stupid I know something aint right with my body. I went to the doctor and they said my test was TOO neg. Last time I was preg, I didn't feel sick or test positive until I was 6 weeks along. I am gonna wait until my next period due date. By then I should be about 6 weeks. Believe me those test are full of it. If you ovulated late like I did your test might not show positive until after your 2nd missed period! Trust your instincts I am almost sure you will be right in the end. Don't waist your money on them tests. Take one at the end of every week after your missed period until it shows pos. If you dont have a lot of money to spend on tests find a planned parenthood or clinic, they do them for free. You can also buy test on ebay for $1 each. Dollar Tree even has them and they are just as reliable. Keep me posted. I am anxious to prove these doctors wrong.


Nichole - December 31

Sounds just like me, except I haven't had a period at all. I think I might have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, but haven't had any tests for that. The bloodwork I had done at the beginning of December (because I thought I was missing a period, but actually was due for period at that time -- such a dork I am!) said that all was fine except I have a very slightly elevated testosterone level. At first I thought that was no big deal, but I checked into PCO because I've missed my 2nd period now, and that is one of the signs: elevated testosterone. :-( Mine is slightly elevated, but that is still elevated. *sigh* So, I'm just sharing the info. I don't believe I'm preggo after 2 missed periods and no positive test. I'm now 7 weeks past ovulation, and nothing. Now I'm wondering if I even did ovulate last month like I thought I did. :-( Good luck to you!! Keep us updated, I'll keep checking back!



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