I Have Many Symptoms But Neg Tests HELP

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Danyelle - October 31

I have been having many symptoms of pregnancy and I am 4 days late on my period. I have read many of these posts and it sounds like I could still be pregnant. I read that some women have lower HCG levels and this could cause the negative but I have already had 2 children and always got a positive test after missing my period. Could I have lower levels with this pregnancy? I have sore br___ts, frequent urination, light nausea. I feel just like I did when I was pregnant with the other two but the tests are saying negative. Please Help!!!!!!


Viv - October 31

It's different every time, hey? Wait a week and test again. Good luck!


Danyelle - November 1

Is there anybody else out there with advice? I am feeling really nauseated today. How long should I wait to take another test? I took my last one on October 30. I have only been off the patch for a month. Could some of these symptoms be from that? I also noticed I am getting the little bumps on my b___sts. I hope I am pregnant. I am very optimistic after reading other responses. My last period was September 29 and I should have had my period on October 28 but of course no show. I am usually VERY regular but with just getting off the patch I am so confused. Please Help.


m - November 1

With my second son, and one of my miscarriages, it took nearly 2 weeks AFTER my missed period to get a faint positive. With my most recent miscarriage, I got 2 very strong positives 3 days BEFORE my missed period. So, to echo Viv, it's different every time. Just because you aren't getting a positive right now does NOT mean you aren't preggo! Keep testing. good luck


Danyelle - November 1

Thank you!! I am going to test again tomorrow morning and see what happens. This is so confusing just because I don't know if I am pregnant or not but I can tell that I am not in this alone and that makes me feel much better!!!


Danyelle - November 2

Tested this morning. Still negative. This is driving me crazy. It is so hard not knowing what is going on. Thanks for the advice.


m - November 2

Just be patient. Remember what I said, it took me nearly 2 weeks to get a positive. It is enough to drive you crazy. But just keep your fingers crossed. It will be ok.


kerionna - November 3

well i had missed 2 months of my period and had blood test and urine test and all say i was neg. then comes the 3rd month, it came on real heavy and stop in 3 days. now here is the 4rth month and my period has not come on yet. im confused can somebody help me. My stomach is huge and I have pains on different sides of my stomach could this mean i am pregnant or something else?


m - November 3

sounds like that's something a doctor needs to check out. Doesn't sound like pregnancy if you had blood tests that said neg. However, if those tests were 2 or 3 months ago, you could be now. I'd see a doc.


m - November 3

that last post was to kerionna, sorry.


kerionna - November 3

Yeah, I was thinking about changing my doctor because 2 months ago I found out that i have abdoninal cells in my cervix and I am getting treated for that and I keep telling him that I havent been coming on my period and he still just keep giving me pregnancy test. I think he need to do a ultra-sound so we can see whats going on but Im changing my doctor anyway so i will keep yall posted


christ - November 3

i need your help i think im pg. i have many sign. i took 3 tests they all came out negitive.and my period is not on yet my only resort is to go it a blood test



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