I Have Signs But Negative

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dontwannabeme17 - March 13

Hi. I'm 19 years old and am a bit of a hypochondriac and I am very aware of occurences in my body. My last period occured on February 14th and ended a few days later. I had unprotected s_x the day my period ended and I didnt use the "pull out" method like my boyfriend and I usually use. This time he ejaculated inside me. Throughout the rest of the month and during ovulation time we continued to have s_x frequently but did the "pull out" method. I've read several things about pre-c_m and all that, and have heard that sperm are in prec_m, and also that sperm arent in prec_m, so I don't know what to believe. Anyways, about a week or so ago I started becoming nauseous. It's not a severe nausea but more of an annoying nausea. My appet_te is outrageous. I keep eating and eating and craving off the wall things: cold ham. Come on--COLD ham? Odd. My br___ts themselves do not feel tender, but at times feel tingly, and my nipples are VERY sore. My nipples seem darker in color and the middle of them, I guess I could call it the hole or whatever in the nipple, seems more opened up. I've never had this as a symptom of PMS before. I've had headaches also, and hot flashes where it feels like someone is burning fire in my face. I've been extremely tired and want to nap frequently. I have hardly any energy to do anything but I force myself to do it. I'm peeing a whole bunch more, but not a large amount, just small amounts. I've had cramping but no spotting, and I've had some discharge off and on that is milky colored and creamy. No itching or burning to indicate a yeast infection. I've had those before and I can recognize those. I dont know whats going on, but this isnt my normal PMS. My period should come tomorrow. I took a ClearBlue Digital test today that has that "pregnant" and "not pregnant" result display. It was negative. I must say, despite my age, I was a little disappointed but yet relieved. If I do end up pregnant, I don't understand how. My cycle is always 28 days EXACT, and if he didnt ejaculate in me during my ovulation time (but instead the last day of my period) how on earth could I end up pregnant? Maybe I'm just being paranoid. But I even feel pregnant, like mentally. I read the result of that test today and was like, "That cant be right. What I'm experiencing (especially the nipple soreness) isn't normal for me. The cramping is fairly new. I've experienced it with my last 2 periods, the hot flashes are new. I've never had nausea before my periods before either. Last month I did but couldnt eat at all, this month I had the nausea but cant stop eating. Any ideas whats going on here? Maybe a false negative?


alicia1 - March 14

It is likely that these are just new PMS symptoms as cycles typically will change...particularly at your age. Most of what you describe are PMS symptoms that i get now that i didn't have at your age. Your cycle will inevitably change--in some ways for the better, in some ways for the worse. With that said, we CANNOT rule out pregnancy here since many of us were conceived through the "pull-out" method of BC. As cruel as it seems, d__n-near all PMS symptoms are the same as early pregnancy signs. What concerns me of what you described is sore, darkened nipples. As far as i know this is pretty much indicative of pregnancy, but you could just be "perceiving" this (which is very common in this instance). So even if you tested negative it would still be kind of early to be conclusive. Wait a few days and test again if you haven't gotten your period after it's due. If still not satified with results confirm with doctor. By the way, be more careful if you're not ready. Good luck.



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